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We are fully GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. In simple terms, this means we only require and store essential data from you such as your assignment, requirements, and your email to receive paper when it is done. We take data security very seriously, meaning you can be certain your data is safe and protected.

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We understand how essential the quality of our work is to our customers, and so we always guarantee to give customers the best quality. Our leading team of experts – the Quality Control team – are qualified in each of the subjects we provide. They review every essay individually. After writing each essay, our experts always check it and proofread it carefully before send it to the customer. Where others will simply send on the work directly, we review spelling & grammar, structure, references, and more to make sure the work is exactly what you have requested. We guarantee your paper is 100% unique and it will be yours forever.

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You can be confident that the Write an essay for me website is safe and secure. Our site is checked daily by McAfee (one of the World’s most trusted cybersecurity companies) to verify that the site is free from viruses, malware, and phishing attempts. We only use trusted payment methods – PayPal, credit/debit card– so your payment details are stored and processed securely.