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An exemplification essay isn’t what you usually encounter every day. That’s is why it seems so risky for college students. Suppose you are suddenly assigned the task of writing one. In that case, you may discover that you cannot complete it due to a lack of prior experience or even a fundamental understanding of instructors’ expectations. Regarding this type of essay, many students have come to us and asked us for assistance, something like “Can you write an essay for me?” and “How can I do my work?”. In this post, we will provide the necessary information to make the process of creating a custom exemplification essay as straightforward as possible.

First of all, it would be best to comprehend the nature of an exemplification essay. More specifically, it concentrates on utilizing one or more detailed instances to support the initial point of view. It does not support its thesis with a logical argumentation but rather an example that demonstrates why one point of view is correct while another is incorrect. So let’s get down to business with the essential writing tips.

1. Use Exemplification Essay Examples to Help You Gain a Better Understanding of Writing Conventions

You should know specific rules and conventions to write an exemplification essay, just as there are other types such as compare and contrast, descriptive, narrative, cause-and-effect essays. It would be best to adhere to these conventions to write an effective one of this type. Even though we’ll cover some of the more nuanced aspects in this post, the best way to understand them is to read a few real-life case studies. Use them as a guide while writing your essay to avoid straying from the main points. And of course, there’s no need to ask someone to “write an essay for me” or “do my work” anymore. 

2. Study Exemplification Essay Topics to Get an Idea of What to Include in Your Paper.

Another way to get aid with an exemplification essay is to contact a professional academic writer to compile a list of good topics. Exemplification versus argumentative essays can be difficult to distinguish at first. Each subtype has its own set of issues that it prefers. Some ideas for your sample essay are as follows:

  • Environmental Pollution and its Effects.
  • Do We Need More Stricter Immigration Laws?
  • Leadership and Personal Charisma.
  • Does the War on Drugs Work?
  • Pros and Cons of a Free Healthcare System.

Compare these subjects to the ones what has already come to your mind. Before you begin writing your paper, you may find that you need to conduct some preliminary research.

3. Select a topic with at least two opposing viewpoints supported by sufficient evidence.

When you write an argumentative essay, you tend to avoid choosing a topic that’s too clear-cut; otherwise, you won’t be able to argue your point effectively. That’s also what you need to do when selecting a topic to write an exemplification essay.

Consider the quantity of evidence you have to support each of your points of contention. Unlike argumentative essays, exemplification essays are considerably more specific in their definitions. Sometimes, you can accept vague or insufficient logic in an argumentative essay. Still, it’s not the case in an exemplification essay, which requires specific instances to back up your points. To develop a compelling argument, you must gather enough examples and information about each topic you intend to explore. If you find it challenging and want to ask a question, like “Can I pay someone to write an essay for me?” the answer is “Yes, you can.” Asking those having more experience for help is always a good idea.  

4. Adhere to the Fundamental Structure.

An exemplification essay follows a format similar to that of the other types of essays in terms of composition. However, a few minor differences can help you distinguish them from the norm. Frequently, you begin with an introduction that draws the reader’s attention while also introducing your thesis statement.

The first difference is that body paragraphs mainly focus on examples. It can be shown in several different ways:

  • Each section can be a separate argument supported by a couple of brief instances; 
  • The entire body can be dedicated to a single prominent example, with individual paragraphs covering its various elements;
  • You can use a single well-developed example to support your thesis in each paragraph.

Finally, in your conclusion, you should restate your thesis one more time, briefly reiterate how your examples support it, and explain why you feel your central claim to be correct (if applicable). When you can do it, the words “pay someone to write an essay for me” don’t come to your mind anymore. 

5. Start the essay by creating an outline.

To write an exemplification essay effectively, having an outline before you begin the actual writing process is essential. It would be best to practice putting your examples in the proper order and seeing how they interact with one another. Examine our sample essay’s outline to get a sense of what each section should include.

If you have to write an essay, the hook (the first two phrases) and thesis statement should be written down word for word so that you don’t forget anything important. The rest of the elements can be summarized in a few sentences, with examples to back them up. 

6. Distinguish between short and extensive examples. 

Extensive examples and short ones each serve a distinct function and should not be used interchangeably. Of course, short examples take up less room than longer ones. They are helpful because they may illustrate a single point by combining them. Rather than relying on an outlier, you can show that your observations are representative of the majority.

An extended example provides more information and can be discussed in greater detail than a short example, allowing for more significant differentiation and specificity. To illustrate the benefits of horizontal hierarchy in a particular industry, you can provide a detailed report on the activities of a single company as an example. 

7. Avoid Using Your Own Experiences as an Example

Personal experience can appear to be a free resource for examples, depending on the topic of your essay. The reliability of an example varies depending on its source; personal examples are at the very bottom of the evidence pyramid. There’s no further testimony to back them up; thus, they can’t be taken as reliable. Do not rely only on these sources for your paper’s main points; use more reliable sources only as a last resort.

8. Consider the Relevance and Applicability of Your Examples

Ensure that any examples you use are pertinent to the topic at hand before bringing them up. It’s too easy to get sidetracked and start talking about things that don’t matter. Often, these examples have little to do with the essay prompts you should be following. After you’ve finished writing, please re-read your paper carefully because it’ll be far easier to identify logical errors and nonsensical passages than it is while you’re in the midst of the writing process.


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