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Have your instructors ever asked you to write a speech on WHO I AM?” You are likely to be at a loss for where to begin. Not to fear, most students have no prior experience writing this type of speech. In truth, most people are clueless when making speeches in general. However, it would be best not to be too concerned about it. It is not a big challenge to write a speech about WHO I AM. Many students send us requests such as “Can you write my essay for me?”, “Can you do my work?” or “Can you do my homework for me?”. But first of all, continue reading this blog. 

Writing a speech appropriately and developing a compelling call to action are more challenging tasks than simply writing the speech. Given that it is about you, it shouldn’t be tough to create topics to speak about in your own words. If you identify the proper structure and call to action, you’ll be able to produce the best speech possible in a short amount of time. 

Creating an Outline for the WHO I AM Speech

It is no different from writing any other high school or college essay to create a WHO I AM speech. An outline is the first step. It will aid you in logically organizing your thoughts and ensuring that you don’t overlook any of the crucial things you need to cover during your presentation. Therefore, the WHO I AM speech plan will keep you on track with the most critical points and avoid deviating from the topic.

Before you begin drafting the plan, take some time to consider who you are writing the speech for, what it is about, and how long it should be. Create a list of possible topics for discussion and assess your life situation. Consider the significant life events that have shaped you as a person. Besides, you also can list something that has contributed to the development of your personality. Consider your characteristics and how they contribute to your success in life. Evaluate your flaws and consider how they affect your overall well-being.

In the outline, please note all the significant issues of debate that you come across (they can be in bullets, no problem). 

Writing in the Form of a Speech

Because the speech structure is relatively straightforward, you shouldn’t have any difficulties creating the material. A speech about WHO I AM comprises three sections:

An introduction is the best when you can grab your audience’s full attention in the first seconds. 

The body can contain as much or as little information as you like.

The conclusion summarizes everything and typically includes a forceful call to action.

When writing the WHO I AM speech, begin with the main body and work your way out from there. Leave the introduction and conclusion behind until you finish the body. Keep your attention on the points you’ve laid down in your speech outline when writing it. Also, make sure to focus on your target audience when writing. Write as many paragraphs as you believe will fit into the duration you have set up for the speech presentation.

Write the conclusion of your address on who you are after you have finished writing the body. Remember to write the introduction last after completing the other parts. When you conclude your speech, summarize all critical ideas and include a compelling call to action (preferably in the last no more than three sentences). You can use the call to action to motivate, inspire, or persuade your audience or celebrate or appreciate a person in your organization. When considering your call to action, consider what you want people to do once they’ve heard your speech.

The beginning of your introduction should be a “hook” to grab the interest of your readers immediately. Keeping the aim of your speech in mind, craft an opening paragraph that introduces the subject (in this case, you) and piques the audience’s interest, leading them to want to hear more. Make a smooth transition from the last one or two sentences of the introduction to the first paragraph of the body.

We have compiled a list of ideas from professional speech writers to make things even easier for you. These tips should help all students become better communicators in no time at all.

How to Write the Most Effective WHO I AM Speech?

  • Begin by reviewing some WHO I AM speech samples. These can be found on the internet and even in your local library. Examine how other individuals have done their presentations and make an effort to learn from their approach.
  • Always strive to make a lasting impression. People should be able to recall what you wrote quickly, and it should remain in their minds for at least a couple of hours after your speech ends.
  • Don’t be afraid to say things over and over again. While listening to a speech, people are not constantly paying attention. Therefore repeat important points from time to time to ensure that your audience recalls those sections.
  • Make use of transitions to go from one notion to another. It’s never a good idea to jump from one thought to another without making some transition between them. Some in the audience will be unable to make the necessary connections.
  • Keep it short. Even though you may have numerous personality qualities and numerous life events to discuss, you only have a couple of minutes to cover everything in your life.

As you can see, putting together the best speech possible is not as difficult as you might have imagined. Yes, writing an essay about the most recent discovery in rocket science can be a complex undertaking. On the other hand, you are speaking about yourself. It would be best if you had a lot to say. And, if you read some WHO I AM essay examples, you will soon learn how to write your speeches in the proper structure. Stick to our suggestions and tips to improve your speech-writing skills. Fingers crossed, and remember to keep your target audience in mind at all times!

If you still find it tough to understand, and some questions related to “write my essay for me,” “do my work,” or “do my homework for me” are still in your mind, don’t forget to contact us for helpful advice and detailed instructions.


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