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How you start a paragraph, more or less, tells the overall quality of your essay. The use of transition words will make your text more interesting to read. However, it would be best to exercise caution when choosing these words to start a paragraph. These transition phrases will convey to the reader that you are well-versed in your subject matter.

Using the appropriate keywords and phrases to begin a new paragraph will establish a connection between it and what you had written before. Writers often consider these linking phrases and words as signposts to help readers know when one point ends and when another begins.


So, what is the best way to begin a paragraph?

Using the appropriate keywords and phrases to begin a new paragraph will establish a connection between it and what you had written before. Writers often consider these linking phrases and words as signposts to help readers know when one point comes ends and when another begins. Many students have asked us questions, such as Can you do my homework for me? Can you write my essay for me? Can you write an essay for me? According to our analysis, one of the main reasons is that they have difficulty using transition words and phrases. As a result, they cannot write a coherent essay, and even more, they are afraid of that. 

Transition Words to Begin a Paragraph

Transition words help the reader understand the relationships between your ideas, significantly when your thoughts change. It would be best to use different transition words throughout your text. Take some time to consider the most effective transition words that help you move through the ideas you wish to convey to the audience. The most important thing is to help your readers comprehend the point you are attempting to communicate through your writing. It is pointless for students to submit academic papers that don’t follow a logical structure. For example, the transition words you use to begin a conclusion paragraph are different from the transition words you use to start body paragraphs and the introduction. Take your time and ensure you cohesively integrate your points into the body of the academic essay. 

Topic Sentences

It is indispensable to have a topic sentence in a paragraph. That is your one-and-only opportunity to introduce the topic you want to discuss after that. The words in the topic sentences allow the readers to understand your points coherently. Don’t forget that each paragraph should have a specific theme shown in the topic sentences. You can elevate your topic sentence with the assistance of a transition phrase or word. It will inform the reader that you are now switching to a new point of view on the subject.


Additionally, how you organize your paper can aid in improving the transition between paragraphs. In the same way that you plan the supporting ideas that you will include in your body paragraphs, you must also prepare the order in which you will present those ideas. Consider the most effective ways to support and enhance one another. You have to determine whether or not you should adhere to a logical sequence. It would be best to rearrange your thoughts until you come up with the best order to present them. The transition words used to begin a body paragraph are very different from those used in the introduction and conclusion.


Additionally, you can improve the transitions between paragraphs in your academic essay by discussing the relationships that exist between your ideas. That is in addition to how you write your academic writing. For instance, as you close the first supporting paragraph, you can discuss how to carry the idea forward into the following body paragraphs. Provide enough information for those reading your essay to understand why you organize your thoughts in that way. The first and second body paragraphs have a relationship, but what is that relationship? Allowing your readers to guess what you are thinking about or communicating is not a good practice. The readers should tell how your ideas are related from the proper use of words to begin a paragraph.

Transitions to Begin a Paragraph

Transitions demonstrate how the paragraphs of your academic essay build on one another and work together as a whole by connecting them. Your writing may have a choppy feel if you don’t use these transition words or phrases at the appropriate points. While attempting to follow your train of thought, your readers may find themselves getting lost.

That means that you must use paragraph transitions in all of your essays due to this. To begin a paragraph, you must be sure that the words you use are appropriate for the situation. There will be some examples of sentence starters that you can use in your writing on the following page. You will discover that the transition words you use to begin a body paragraph are dependent on what you convey to the reader. You may require transition words to demonstrate contrast, add to an idea, demonstrate cause, or emphasize a point.

Furthermore, if you’re stuck with your paper and can’t seem to find any inspiration to write on it, the effective use of words to begin a paragraph may be the answer! Here is a list of transition words to use in each category. You can use them as pointers to help you find the right words to begin a sentence and convey powerful emotions to your readers.

List of Transition Words and Phrases:

1. Showing Contrast: 

  • Otherwise,
  • Instead,
  • Rather,
  • Comparatively, 
  • Whereas, 
  • However, 
  • Conversely, 
  • Still, 
  • Nevertheless, 
  • Yet, 
  • On the other hand, 
  • In comparison, 
  • On the contrary, 
  • Although, 
  • In contrast, 
  • Even though, 
  • Different from, 
  • Whereas, 
  • Even though, 
  • Other than, 
  • Comparatively, 
  • Besides, 
  • Outside of.

2. Adding to Idea

  • Additionally, 
  • For example, 
  • Again, 
  • Also, 
  • Moreover, 
  • In addition, 
  • Coupled with, 
  • Furthermore, 
  • Similarly, 
  • As well as, 
  • Indeed, 
  • One other thing, 
  • Correspondingly, 
  • In fact, 
  • Whereas, 
  • Another reason, 
  • Identically, 
  • Along with, 
  • Likewise.

3. Showing Cause

  • Accordingly, 
  • Particularly, 
  • Hence, 
  • Singularly, 
  • As a result, 
  • Otherwise, 
  • Usually, 
  • Because, 
  • Generally speaking, 
  • Consequently, 
  • Unquestionably, 
  • For the most part, 
  • Due to, 
  • In this situation,
  • For this reason, 
  • Undoubtedly or no doubt, 
  • For this purpose, 
  • Obviously, 
  • Hence, 
  • Of course, 
  • Otherwise, 
  • Ordinarily.

4. Adding Emphasis

  • As usual, 
  • As a rule, 
  • Above all admittedly, 
  • Granted, 
  • Especially, 
  • Chiefly, 
  • Certainly, 
  • Assuredly.

Don’t forget that you do not always have to use the transition words listed above to begin a new paragraph; instead, use them flexibly. You may notice that it will be repetitive, and this will cause you to lose focus on the most critical component of your academic work.

Include a brief description of your essay’s main sections or paragraphs at the beginning of the introduction paragraph. In your conclusion paragraph, you must also reiterate your main points. Students who are well-versed in this subject will not have difficulty determining how to begin or end an essay. You can also be confident that those who read your work will be pleased with it. Last but not least, when writing an essay, use adequate transition words. These suggestions will facilitate selecting the most appropriate transition to begin a paragraph in your essay. 

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