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Studying is the only way for each individual to make constant progress, which is the truth that everybody knows. However, the problem here is how we can take advantage of the time to learn effectively. Nowadays, scores of students effortlessly lose their concentration, and they often cannot be consistent in their studies. If you are also wondering how to be consistent in your studies, you have come to the right place. This article will show the reasons behind this phenomenon and some instructions to help you get out of this situation. 


Reasons behind this phenomenon

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Reasons behind this phenomenon

In reality, many different reasons are causing your inconsistency, but in this article, I will only point out three main reasons for you to consider: 

1. Addiction to social media

We cannot deny the prevalence of social media nowadays and its numerous benefits. However, social media is also a double-edged sword, making millions of people dependent on it. They are so addicted to social media that they often no longer pay attention to other things surrounding them. 

While studying or working, if you cannot limit using social networks, you obviously cannot stay focused on your work. It naturally follows that they cannot stay consistent about your study time as well.  

2. Stress and fatigue

Stress and fatigue often stem from many different reasons like heavy workload, family and friends problems, or other relationships in your life. Once you get stressed and feel tired, you definitely cannot promote concentration and maintain a good spirit for your studies. 

3. Dullness

In addition to the two mentioned above reasons, not being capable of keeping persistent on their studies also stems from their disinterest. It is extremely tough for them to pay attention to a lesson from beginning to end if they are genuinely not keen on learning it. 

If you wish to be a successful student and maintain high grades in your classes, what you need to do right now is to incorporate your consistency into your learning habits. Following the instructions below before you sit down to study: 

  • Choosing the suitable studying space

Choosing a suitable studying space is one of the most vital prerequisites that can help you keep consistent throughout the learning process. You can choose any place as your own studying space as long as you can concentrate easily and are not disturbed by anyone around in that space. In addition, you should also pay attention to your posture while studying because an improper posture can also make your back or neck pain and remove your consistency. 

  • Preparing necessary tools 

Before you sit down and start studying, you should wonder whether you have prepared all necessary items such as notebooks, flashcards, and other learning materials carefully. This preparedness will not only make you ready to concentrate on studying seriously, but it can also limit frequent interruptions during study time. You do not need to walk around the house to find stuff anymore, which can waste a considerable amount of time and induce you to become lazier. 

  • Turning off digital devices

Indeed, the advent of digital devices( smartphones, tablets, laptops) can provide great assistance for your academics; however, I advise you to switch off all of them if you want to promote your concentration and be consistent during your study time. You might think that you will only surf the Internet for five minutes before studying, but the reality is opposite to your expectation. Once you have access to social media, it will likely take you many hours. 

  • Jotting down your realistic goals

Apart from the three above ways, noting down your realistic goals in the paper is also an effective way to increase the likelihood of consistency while studying. Scores of students nowadays tend to choose to multitask because they want to save more time and do many more things. However, multitasking also causes many difficulties for you. Multitasking will induce you to feel tired effortlessly and cannot help you maintain consistency in your studies. Therefore, the best way for you is to divide the tasks into small parts and deal with them one after another. In this way, you will study not only more effectively but also for a longer time. 

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