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It can be undeniable that sleep always plays a vital role in our lives; however, we should also consider when is the appropriate moment in a day for us to sleep. Nowadays, with the robust development of social media, more and more students fall into sleep deprivation, and they often sleep while participating in classes. Before offering a solution to this problem, we need to dive deep into the causes behind this trend among students. This article will highlight those common reasons and introduce you to the Write An Essay For Me service – a fantastic service for your educational journey. 


The importance of sleep 

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The importance of sleep 

From the past to now, having a good sleep has always played a vital role in people’s health. In reality, slumber is as necessary as a healthy diet and regular workout. I will show you several reasons why sleep is so vital nowadays. 

1. Not sleeping well could make you overweight

Whether you gain weight or not depends much on your sleep. Those who do not have enough hours of sleep tend to increase weight significantly compared to those sleeping well. In reality, sleeping in just a short amount of time will be likely to cause obesity. 

2. Not sleeping well cannot improve your concentration and efficiency. 

If you do not spend enough hours sleeping, your brain will be negatively affected. You will not have complete control of your senses to make sound decisions, and your memory will gradually deteriorate in the long run. 

3. Not sleeping well can lead to heart disease and stroke 

Based on the whole of 15 studies, scientists finally have illustrated that the likelihood of those being sleep-deprived suffering from heart disease and stroke is extremely high compared to those sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your sleep; otherwise, you can not avoid this problem in the future. 

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In recent years, students sleeping during lectures is becoming more popular, and many people suppose that being addicted to social networks is the only reason contributing to this problem. However, in reality, there are many other reasons. 

John Median, in the book Brain Rules, has introduced data to form the above graph. As you can see in the above chart, every 10 minutes, the concentration level of students will decrease in a lesson. It is not surprising because this is such a common occurrence among students. However, the problem is that many lecturers know next to nothing about the learning process and instructional theory. It naturally follows that they do not try to regain their students’ attention every 10 minutes. Students effortlessly lose concentration and fall asleep during lectures because they are not encouraged to contribute to the lessons or participate in activities organized by their teachers. 

Other factors that contribute to students sleeping during lessons include eating a large meal before going to school, poor ventilation in the classroom, and student fatigue. 

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                                Why do I find it tough to have a good sleep? 

Many reasons can lead to your sleeplessness. The first reason can be that you are receiving too much pressure from the workplace or financial matters. You cannot go to bed and have a good sleep because you keep thinking about your work or other problems in daily life. In addition, being addicted to using mobile phones is also one of the main problems leading to your insomnia. According to many studies, watching TV or using phones will make you struggle to have a good sleep. If you do not try to get rid of this bad habit, your health obviously will be negatively affected in the future. 


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