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Presentation is one of the essential skills not just in class but also in the workplace after graduating. Therefore, there is no reason not to cultivate and practice this skill to make our college life more manageable. However, many presenters may feel shy or awkward when making a presentation. One of the main reasons for that is the lack of confidence when speaking in front of a crowd. If you are reading this article, maybe you are in the same situation and are looking for solutions to improve your presentation skills. In this post, Write An Essay For Me is proud to partner with experts to showcase our top 8 tips for building self-confidence when delivering presentations.


How can I be more confident when making a presentation in class?

What is a presentation?

Tips for building self-confidence

Make sure your content is carefully prepared

            How to create professional slides

            Practicing is key to success

            Wear smart clothes 

The importance of using body language and maintaining eye contact

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What is a presentation?

A presentation is to systematically represent and clarify a problem in front of a crowd. Making a presentation can also be defined as speaking or explaining in front of a group of people to convince, inform, or create an impression on the audience. In almost all fields, areas, or jobs, there will be times when we have to present our ideas or views to others. In that case, your presentation skills will be vital to helping you succeed in persuading and creating motivation for those around you.

Tips for building self-confidence

If you want to make a presentation, don’t skip our tips below to perfect your performance.

Make sure your content is carefully prepared.

Thorough preparation of the content is a significant step. Presentation content will determine about 70% of your performance. For example, even if you are confident when speaking in front of a crowd but your content is quite sketchy and not attractive to the audience, that will be a minus point for your presentation. On the contrary, when you prepare the content carefully, you will still be appreciated even if you lack confidence because of your devotion to preparing your talk.

It is advisable to invest time and effort to research and prepare for what you will talk about in your presentation. You should consider the wording in your speech and edit the presentation’s content until you find it suitable and valuable for the audience. Only take the critical information and remove the unnecessary information. Prioritize the content according to the importance and relation to the topic you want to talk about.

How to create professional slides

Besides your presentation skills, the critical role of slides makes it necessary for you to invest carefully in them. The reason is that this is not only to get your message across to listeners but also to pique your audience’s interest to prevent your presentation from being drudgery or monochrome. Create impressive slides with a clear layout, intelligible detachment, and lively illustrations to make your performance outstanding and achieve the objective.

If you don’t have time to prepare your slides, many websites allow you to download available slides on Canva or Slidego. Take Slidego as an example; if you are going to make a presentation on “World War II,” you just need to search keywords such as “history lesson”:

And multiple sets of slides will be available for you to choose from. All you have to do is pick out the one that you like the most, download and edit the content:

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Practicing carefully is key to success.

You must have seen a lot of people who can speak very fluently and persuasively, but few of them are born with that ability. The key is simply to practice constantly. According to some studies, carefully preparing and rehearsing a presentation will help reduce fear in public by up to 75%. Therefore, investing time and effort effectively into preparing your presentation reduces anxiety and boosts your confidence in public.

Many environments can help you practice, such as speaking in class, actively voicing opinions, debating when studying in groups, or participating in volunteer activities. Even if you are alone and have no one to comment on your performance, you can practice in front of a mirror or record with your phone. This sounds simple but yields quite good results because it will help you adjust your behavior, attitude, and body language to the best fit.

You can’t expect to perfect it at once, but you will have to go through a process of challenging and regular practice. Try to practice speaking a lot, at any time, anywhere, alone or with anyone, and you will see a remarkable change over time.

Wear smart clothes

In addition to selecting an outfit suitable for the presentation, you should also pay attention to wearing clothes that bring you a feeling of comfort and confidence when standing in front of a crowd. Don’t let the sense of people looking at you and talking about your outfit distract you and lose your confidence when delivering a presentation. This is also a thing to keep in mind to make presentations more fluent and effective.

The importance of using body language and maintaining eye contact

To make your presentation more attractive and catch the listeners’ attention, do not ignore body language. When you combine words and gestures, your presentation makes a strong impression on the listener. It directly impacts the brain, helping their memory record and take pictures; the presentation will become meaningful. For example, pay attention to your teachers; they always incorporate body language into their lessons in class. It is simply a way of combining language with hands and eyes or using supporting tools such as boards, chalks, slides to present, etc.

Movement and energy are also transmitted through the voice to help you become more active and enthusiastic. Looking your audience straight in the eye will make you more confident and wise. Besides, it will help them feel connected to you and the topic you’re presenting.

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This post instructs you on how to speak in front of a crowd with confidence. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so that our support team can respond as soon as possible. Remember to return to our website more frequently to avoid missing out on essential articles on skills and efficient self-development solutions!


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