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Most people find it hard to distinguish the differences between live online classes and online classes. They have some similarities, but the variants are different. 

So, check this article as it provides the strengths and weaknesses of each kind, helping you take advantage when studying. 


What Are Live Online Classes And Online Classes?

The Difference Between Live Online Classes And Online Classes

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What Are Live Online Classes And Online Classes?

Online Classes

Online classes are how people call the classes with a different interaction method between teacher and learner. 

Compared to traditional classes, the teacher will not meet the learner directly in the class; they execute the activities of discussing, teaching, and acquiring knowledge through a device.  This device can connect with the Internet and help them transmit information without face-to-face interaction. 

Yet, online classes are a general name for this method; people figure out many variants. The live online classes are one of the variants of this method. 

Live Online Classes

As mentioned above, live online is a variant of online classes. Typically, the teacher tries to record their teaching process, and the students will learn it through a video. 

As technology has a significant development, the teacher teaches students through face-to-face applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, MS Team, etc. When they set a schedule, students can follow and attend on time. 

The Difference Between Live Online Classes And Online Classes

The Similarity and Difference

Online classes are more expansive than live online classes. It includes many variants; for example, learning by recorded video is a popular format for students. 

Students cannot interact with the teacher by learning the recorded video; it is a one-way process, only from teacher to student. The other way can be executed by online submitting the homework. 

For example, when I register for an online Math course, the educators give me the key to join the class. When logging in, I find many recorded videos that the teachers have made before; I click and learn it alone. Then, in the class’s requirements, I have to submit my homework to complete it. 

The sample above shows us how a recorded video becomes an online class. This variant is not effective to study, so it is not quite popular at this moment. 

Live online class is better for teaching students because it keeps the teaching process two-way. There is still a way that students send back their responses, but differently from the traditional format. 

It is not direct, but students can talk with the teacher by voice or send messages in the chatbox. 

With the explanation above, the similarity is that all the executions are online that students and teachers need not meet directly. They connect by a device with an Internet connection. 

The difference is the interaction of teaching. There is no interaction between teacher and learner in recorded-video format, except for the assignments. On the other hand, a live online class is more comprehensive; it provides interactive two-way teaching. 

Pros & Cons Of Live Online Class


  •  Students can attend the class only with a smart device and Internet connection because building a school is not necessary for a live online class. So, it reduces the tuition that students have to pay for learning; this factor creates the chance for many students to learn what they want. 
  • Although this format always provides a fixed schedule, the educators always try to arrange it suitably as much as possible for students. For example, some live online classes are set in the evening when you finish your dinner. It means the time for a class is flexible as all the teachers and students can follow it. 
  • Traditional class requires both teacher and student to come to a school place. It makes a lot of wasted time when they have to move to this place. For example, I ride my bicycle from my home to school in 30 minutes. It wastes me 30 minutes; in that period, I cannot do anything except concentrate on controlling the bicycle. 
  • When you join a traditional class, all the things are completed and what you do is take a seat and learn. But in live online classes, you have to prepare something for yourself such as a device, camera direction, micro, etc.; it makes learners independent. 
  • Students can get used to modern technology and online working sooner as they join the live online class. That factor is essential because our current future requires us to know it. 



Teachers feel it is hard to get feedback from students when they use this format. The interactions between them are limited because of the unnatural process. Although teachers can still control the online class, it decreases the efficiency of both teaching and learning.

Also, it takes time to give feedback. For example, when the teacher asks a question under the bad network condition, they have to wait for students; in some popular cases, they have to repeat their questions many times. 

This format can reduce the fee from setting a teaching school, but it requires both teacher and student to have an intelligent device. It is quite expensive, and not many students have it. 

Learning in this format can make you sleepy because you are in a passive condition. You always sit alone with your device so that it lacks the interaction between you and the classmate. This factor keeps the process tedious and makes you feel tired when studying. 

When you feel bored, you try to do a lousy trick in learning. For example, when I do my Math homework online, I ask the online community and copy their works. 

You cannot study online without a device and Internet connection, while the traditional class only requires you to bring simple things such as books, notebooks, pens, etc.


A school is a place that all students come to with the only purpose of learning. That is why you can focus on studying in traditional classes more than in live online classes. You will need to find a quiet place with as few distractions as possible. 

Find Someone To Help Me With My Online Homework

Online classes or live online classes both assign you online homework. You can submit it online or do it online on an available platform. No matter what they are, the difficulties are the same as what you learn in a traditional class. That is why I need someone to help me with my homework; below are some suggestions.

  • They can help me with my homework, but in the Covid pandemic, all the format is online, reducing the efficiency of this way. You should only hire a private tutor if you can meet him directly. Also, this method is time-limited, so it is only effective if you need someone besides you to push your study. 
  • Asking a classmate to help me with my homework is a good idea. However, I realize that it is difficult to improve what I have mistaken. I am also attracted by copying other works for the fastest process.
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1.     Which Is The Best Among Live Online, Online, And Traditional Classes?

There is no exact answer about the best format because it is based on each learner. People who get used to online learning will find it effective. 

On the contrary, the learners who have low self-discipline should study directly in the class. This format can assist them in focusing on the lectures better. 

2.                 How To Focus On Learning Online?

People find it difficult to concentrate on learning online because various distractions prevent them from focusing on the lectures. 

The advice is to minimize the distractions surrounding you. For example, find a quiet place such as a library, a working space, etc.; also, if learning at home, you should remind the parents not to disturb your process. 

You also can use the Write An Essay For Me service to increase the self-discipline characters. They have a counseling service helping you positively change yourself. 


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