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Disrespectful behavior brings negative results in online classes. It prevents teachers from having an effective teaching process and shapes the bad habits of students. 

Many educators try to find methods to reduce the impacts of these behaviors; they have based on the causes to create suitable programs and strategies for teachers. 

Understanding the primary causes is essential, so check this article to figure them out.


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What Is Disrespect Behavior In Online Classes?

Bad behavior in the class


There is no exact explanation for the disrespectful behavior. In any class, the behaviors that go against the principles are often considered disrespectful actions. For example, the teacher is teaching Math class, and you are sleeping on your desk. This behavior disrespects your teacher and possibly makes her upset. 

In online classes, this action is slightly different. While the teacher explains Math formulas, you have slept and made noise by snoring. In addition, you have forgotten to turn off the speaker, so all the students and teachers can hear your noise. 

This sample shows us how easily students disrespect the teacher in online classes. Only a small action can cause significant impacts on others, especially disrespecting your teacher during class. 

Students can make it in various ways; I will list some popular ones below. 

Negatives Impacts

The list below is based on the actual situations that many teachers faced. 

The worst one is their torments because of thinking how lousy teaching makes the students have those behaviors. They will always ask themself and be hurt as they do not complete their responsibilities. 

For example, when I sleep in my online math class, the teacher asks me why. If I say that it is boring, the teacher wonders if their lecture would be good or bad. Some vulnerable people will feel stressed about it for an extended period. Although we can blame the student’s unintentional action, it’s genuinely hurt as the teacher gets it.

Teachers may overcome these impacts more quickly than the one above. For instance, these actions interrupt the lectures, or they prevent others from hearing your explanation. These take a little bit of time to solve because it is slightly familiar with an experienced teacher. 

However, any impacts will make teachers upset and require them to control their emotions; that is why most teachers face a challenge in teaching online.

The students also get bad results when they make these actions to the teacher. It shapes their lousy habit, meaning they potentially go against those they do not like. Often, when it happens, students can become stubborn if they let it be right; it will not be good when they grow up and join any community. 

The disrespectful action can lower their condition to go to higher education. All the wrong actions that primarily affect others will be put in the individual file and become a weakness.  

Why Students Disrespect Teachers In Online Classes

Why Students Disrespect Teachers In Online Classes

There are a lot of reasons that students disrespect teachers in online classes. Some, even, are pretty unreasonable, but the most are easy to understand. Check these popular reasons below, and you will know why students do that. 

Boring Lectures

If you are a teacher, you should not blame students for those actions. Most of them are not intentional, and they are, basically, the natures. For example, students often lack concentration, so they always feel sleepy during the lectures. 

That is why if your lecture is not attractive enough, you lose the students’ eyes on you. So, you should revise your teaching and improve every part to make it all enjoyable with students. 

You can also change your teaching style to attract students when they think it is new and exciting. 

Student’s Issue

Some students have problems preventing themselves from focusing on the lectures or doing weird things during the study. I faced many cases where students have family stuff, causing them not to want to learn. If they are upset and are not ready to acquire knowledge, they try to be naughty, making them more comfortable than learning. 

In addition, imagine the students staying awake all night to play a game. In the online class morning, they cannot attend; they will immediately sleep after several minutes if they can. 


Bad people can affect student’s behaviors as they often try to imitate them. For example, if your students play with a stubborn person, they tend to have this characteristic in the long run.

Totally, for any reason, teachers always find a method that helps students reduce disrespectful behaviors. It is one of the teacher’s responsibilities; if trying to help them, make sure you know the exact causes. 

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Disrespect behaviors and the laziness of doing homework have a relationship, and they impact together. For example, when I am too lazy to do my Math homework, I feel more bored when learning it in online classes. As a result, these actions may happen with a high chance. 

Adversely, the disrespectful action in Math class kept me distracted from studying. I continue to fail in acquiring the knowledge; I gradually hate this subject because I cannot do it well. Then, it makes me lazy when I do Math homework. 

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Control online classes better

When students disrespect the teacher, some find out the solution: how they control online classes. As you face these problems from disrespect, you should try these suggestions below.

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You can try to create more interactive activities between you and students. It helps a lot, and students will quickly get rid of the distractions to focus on the online lecture. 


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