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Due to the negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all physical classes turn into online classes. Although some students feel uncomfortable learning via electronic devices, they have no choice but to adapt to this type of learning. I also have to get used to online classes. From time to time, I wish someone would take my online class for me. That said, I also find exciting parts of distance learning, such as funny classmates and friendly teachers. Of course, my online classmates refuse to do my essay for me, but they are still lovely and funny at heart. There are some typical types of students in my online classes I want to introduce to you.

The nerdy student: 

Brie attends the Zoom meeting with two beakers full of liquid. Miss Eva arrives shortly after, asking Brie why she was already in an online class when it was just 6:00 a.m. at the time. Brie informs Miss Eva that she wanted to pose several questions in class about a side project she was working on that wasn’t part of the school’s curriculum. 

Miss Eva first agrees, but when she realizes she no longer comprehends what Brie is saying, she asks Brie to halt so she can get some water. Brie is so obsessed with learning that once I asked her to do my essay for me, she agreed without hesitation.

The Untidy Student: 

Harry attends the Zoom meeting a few hours later while still combing his hair, even though he is still not ready for class. Harry stuffs a piece of bread into his mouth as he meets Brie and Miss Eva. Brie and Miss Eva are perplexed since Harry is still combing his hair. Harry, on the other hand, tells them that “it isn’t that awful.” Brie and Miss Eva keep an eye on Harry as he puts eye drops in his eyes.

The Excessively Dressed Student:

Jenny attends the Zoom conference shortly after, dressed in her school uniform. This baffles Miss Eva, who previously stated that the pupils might wear anything they wanted at home. Then Jenny responds, “So, what else can I put on?” Miss Eva reminds Jenny of the above rule. After that, Jenny walks off-screen to change her outfit, making Miss Eva angry. 

The Under-Dressed: 

Hakim, who is topless, attends the Zoom session after Jenny has changed into her home clothes. Everyone else in the session is taken aback when they see Hakim topless. And Miss Eva demands an explanation from Hakim. Hakim argues that because the students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted at home, he followed the rule. He said that he only wears his X-men underwear at home and so appears topless. When he’s through speaking, he gets up and flashes his red X-men underwear, startling the others. At this time, I just want someone to take my online class for me to avoid seeing Hakim’s underwear.

The Uncertain Student:

Charlotte enters the Zoom meeting after Hakim has finished putting on a top. She does, however, have her webcam turned off, unlike everyone else in the session. Jenny wonders aloud as to why she is unable to see Charlotte. Therefore, Miss Eva requests Charlotte to turn on her webcam. Charlotte, who is self-conscious about her appearance, first declines because she hasn’t completed doing her cosmetics. 

However, after Miss Eva emphasized that pupils must turn on their webcams to be marked present, she eventually decided. When Charlotte activates her camera, however, just her forehead is visible, which irritates everyone else. If Charlotte could turn off her webcam next time, I might hire someone else to take my online class for me with a disabled webcam(just kidding).

The Mute Student:

Everyone cannot hear Anna, who is speaking. Miss Eva then signals Anna to switch on her microphone. Anna attempts, but it fails the first time. However, on the second try, Anna talks into her microphone, which is set to a loud level, injuring everyone else’s ears and forcing them to remove their headphones.

The Poor Connection: 

As Miss Eva goes over the assignment with the students, she invites William to answer her questions. William, who was initially hesitant, eventually agrees. However, his camera and audio go out as he gives the response. Because no one can hear William clearly, Miss Eva calls upon someone else. 

The Virtual Background: 

Miss Eva announces to the students that she will be taking attendance during another session. Suddenly, Sierra speaks up and tells the students about her virtual history. The class is captivated, and the students begin to change their backgrounds. Miss Eva demanded that they quit. But they didn’t obey until Miss Eva threatened them with poor grades on their exams. On the other hand, Jenny is unable to turn the background back since she lacks the necessary knowledge.

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