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It is evident that when students pursue increasing levels of education, they will have a heavy load of semesters, tests, and countless other tasks given by their teachers. If students cannot control their emotions and thoughts while preparing for those tests and examinations, they will easily succumb to anxiety and stress; especially, those who procrastinate until the last week. Therefore, in this blog, I want to bring about some helpful studying hacks which students can apply to study habits to prepare better for tests. If you are also struggling with your studies and want to achieve higher grades in tests, I highly encourage you to read some studying hacks in this article. 

Some essential studying hacks that every student should know

Studying hacks play a vital role in your success in your academics. In case you want to improve your test scores, you must study more diligently and more intelligently. I guarantee that those studying hacks below will help you prosper in your educational journey: 

Choosing a tranquil place to study

Choosing a quiet studying space to learn for a long time is never easy for almost all students. They can find their place, but it is also quite difficult for them to study consistently in that place because unwanted noise can appear anytime. So, if you still live under the same roof as your parents, make sure that you have your room where you can study peacefully without any distractions from anyone, even your parents. In contrast, if you live in a dorm or a hostel with other people, you should take advantage of the quietest times of the day to prepare your mind for studying.

In addition, I also recommend that you wear earphones and put some lyrics-free soft songs on to have more inspiration while working. By doing this, your concentration power will also be promoted to the maximum. However, for warning, this tip is not suitable for everyone. Only when the surrounding space is completely tranquil can some individuals work to the best of their abilities. 

From my experience, an ideal tool to help me get the most out of the available time is the Pomodoro technique. It means that I only study for 25 minutes, then take a break of 5 minutes, and that cycle of time will keep happening until I have finished all my piles of tasks. This studying method, in my opinion, is of great benefit to me. Under time constraints, I can get the most out of my concentration power to complete my work quickly. Most of you might think that it is ideal for people to sit the butt down and study for a prolonged period without any breaks, but this, in reality, is a great mistake. Sitting for consistent hours will be counterproductive; it only makes you feel stressed and discouraged from retention while learning. Previously, many times, I did need help with my homework because I was not good at taking control of my time and often spent hours and hours doing homework. However, by taking full advantage of the Pomodoro technique, I can cut down on time and complete all tasks much more efficiently. Now, I do not need to look for someone who can do my homework anymore. 

Not stressing up

Having to complete assignments and make preparations for upcoming tests is indeed such a difficult thing for students. Not a few students have lost the balance in their studies and gone into a state of panic and anxiety. At points like this, it would be beneficial for you to participate in leisure-time activities such as reading, doing yoga, or taking a stroll in the park. You definitely will feel more relaxed and can get back to work full of energy. Frankly, I used to encounter a state of panic and anxiety and desperately call for help from someone who can do my homework. However, after a brisk walk or reading something positive, I can quickly regain my calmness to keep on working. And, I do not stress out as much as in the beginning. 

In addition to spending time relaxing, I also put in a great deal of effort to convert my emotions and thoughts into concentrating on the present. It sounds quite a cliche, but this method has truly helped me save a considerable amount of time and greatly assisted me in my studies. For example, when I encounter a big task, I will immediately break it into smaller tasks and then focus on dealing with each section one after another. By concentrating on what I am doing, I have realized that I can not only complete my assignments significantly quicker than my prediction, but I also feel less overwhelmed and stressed. That is also one of the tips to help me get decent marks in the exams in my classes. I have been able to study independently without much assistance from anyone because I have practiced being present in the moment. I need help with my homework only when I encounter incredibly tough assignments. 


Nowadays, scores of students in many schools tend to wait until the very last day that they start to cram information to prepare for the class tests. In my opinion, this studying habit not just makes you feel much more overwhelmed and pressured, but the high likelihood is that you will also forget most of what you have learned. Therefore, you must spend such a prolonged period regularly revising the lessons and other learning materials to surmount this problem. I know that most students tend to review the knowledge in the daytime because, at that point, their brains will often function most effectively. However, in addition to revising during the day, I encourage you to learn before going to bed because, according to many studies, learning before sleep can help you retain most of the content you have absorbed. It is the few minutes before you fall asleep that is so beneficial to your memory retention. 

Any information that you have learned should always be recapped, reviewed, and reinforced within 24 hours. If you ignore one of these three steps, you obviously will forget 80% of the content you have learned, and that can make you feel regretful the next day. Revising the lessons frequently has not only helped me get a better grasp of the knowledge, but it also makes it easier for me to do my homework. Thanks to the discovery of this fantastic hack, I have achieved many high marks in my exams. And, the idea of “I need help with my homework” or “I need someone who can do my homework” also seems to have disappeared in my mind.  

Have a good sleep before the examination. 

Sleeping well before the examination is always one of the best hacks that each student should need; however, most students in this day and age often neglect this problem. They tend to stay up late at night to complete revisions for their exams on a later day. From my point of view, this is not a wise idea because lack of sleep evidently will not help you pass the exams with flying colors. In my outlook, you should make more careful and detailed preparation in advance of the exam, especially do not leave it to the day before the exam. If possible, I also highly encourage you to check all the requirements and rules of your exams. 

Instagram influencers

Building good studying habits and hacks is a vital key leading to your success in your academics. There are some Instagram influencers whom you can follow and learn many good studying hacks from them. I firmly believe that their advice can help you overcome the following tests. Below is one Instagram influencer that I have followed for a long time and want to introduce to you in this article: 


Jasmine, a young girl from California, American, is well-known for her tidy organization in studies. On Instagram, she shows followers a wide range of images of well-informed and aesthetic notes attractively. 

For Jasmine, studying is a breeze because she sees it as a way to better herself. She used to express that similarly to everyone, she also sometimes struggled to have more motivation for studying. However, the most important thing above all, in her opinion, is that we still have to keep discipline. Discipline is a necessary skill and takes us much time to cultivate. In addition, she also shares about the Pomodoro technique and other helpful methods that you can apply to your studying process. 

Need help with homework?

The four hacks mentioned above are ideal for anyone who is pursuing higher education or any courses. If you follow the tricks and hacks mentioned above, I guarantee that you will be in a better position. 

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