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Over the past few years, outstanding students have seen a shift in their views and expectations toward education since the pandemic broke out. They have observed what works best for them and their preferred modes of learning. Listening to their points of view will help teachers gain critical insight into engaging students in class. The Write An Essay For Me team has set up online interviews with current students from different colleges in the United States. Below are tips suggested by these students.  

Four strategies to boost student engagement during virtual learning - Hapara

Create a learning atmosphere that students feel supported socially and emotionally.

In Tracy Austin’s opinion, teachers should provide a safe space for students to talk about whatever they want and share their concerns and difficulties. Tracy, a current student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that creating such an atmosphere for students should be a top priority for educators. “Teachers can start this process by periodically sending out surveys to check in on their students’ social and emotional wellness,” Tracy explains. “When I do these surveys, I take a minute to pause and consider my mental condition.” Besides, such surveys also provide an insight into the class’ overall mental health. “Is the material hard for students to understand?”, “Is it too much?” and “Are students stressed out or anxious?” are the questions teachers should take seriously.

According to David Joshua, a freshman at Stanford University majoring in education studies, instructors should change the “default” position from leaders to mentors for students on their academic journeys. As students go back into traditional learning environments this school year, interpersonal ties will be even more critical. Consequently, David encourages educators to incorporate trauma-informed methods into their classrooms this fall. “We’ve had a year of incredible personal growth. Still, we’ve also had a year of tremendous loss and transition, and I believe we must consider that as we welcome students back into a more traditional environment,” David shares with the Write An Essay For Me team. 

Allow Students to Drive Their Education.

Caty McNally, a senior at Yale University, supposes that educators should not limit students’ creativity and ability to learn through mistakes. According to Caty, who is pursuing dual degrees in early childhood teaching and special education, many educators are now taking away the opportunity for students to discover and explore new things, find their “real” interests, and pursue their passions. Write An Essay For Me experts have the same opinions. 

Samir Banerjee, a sophomore at Yale University, believes that learning environments should encourage all student skills and abilities, not only those associated with traditional topics, majors, and fields. “For instance, occupational and commercial interests, as well as artistic interests, should be valued equally. Each student has an important story to share and a role to play in society,” he explains. “Educators should be willing to adapt their practices and techniques to accommodate students rather than imposing a rigid set of norms and expectations on them.”

Collaborate With Students to Establish Relationships and Improve Learning.

“I believe in compelling one-on-one ties between teachers and students,” says Tracy. “The best thing is learning to believe in yourself and trusting your educator to push and encourage you. That’s why I believe small classes are so beneficial. Regardless of an individual’s social or academic background, each student will always need a mentor who knows them both professionally and personally.”

Tracy encourages instructors to explore more interesting instructional methods, such as games connected to their course subjects, instead of typical but frequently tedious PowerPoint presentations. While she notes that this process may begin with instructors seeking out resources on their own, she suggests they consider organizing an after-school committee to evaluate and provide feedback on these tools.

Additionally, students may assist informally. “Students are constantly on the lookout for internet tools and programs that will make their homework more interesting or enjoyable,” Tracy explains. “They may already have some excellent tools in mind that they can share with the class.”

Establish Connections Between Students and Practical, Real-World Learning Experiences.

“In my experience, students can perform best when they learn in a hands-on environment,” David says. He recommends that educators consider methods to collaborate with institutions and businesses to provide more hands-on learning opportunities for students. According to Write An Essay For Me experts, for students, nothing is more valuable than real-world learning experiences. 

Additionally, Caty adds that while educators can also collaborate with classes located outside the local area, they also have the option to form partnerships with classrooms in other states. “Take a look around the world to see if you can find common ground where you can work with and learn from each other, whether it’s through languages or sharing ideas. I truly believe that with educational technology like this, everything is possible, and I can’t wait to see it happen in classrooms of all grade levels.”


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