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When moving from highschool to college, how to make new friends is a common concern for most students. College can be described as a small society where there are many people coming from various social classes. This leads to the fact that making new friends become a more and more difficult task to do. If you are not sure where and how to start, try these tips suggested by Write An Essay For Me.

Be exactly who you are

It sounds obvious and somehow strange, but this is the number one advice that you should remember. Making new friends is about finding someone whom you can talk to and understand you. However, other people cannot get close to you unless you let them to! In addition, if you want to have a long-last friendship, you should be yourself right at the beginning. Why? Just ask yourself this question: “How will I feel if I have to pretend to be someone else for the rest of my time at college?”. It is pretty like a nightmare, isn’t it? 

Be yourself

For all of the above reasons, the first tip on how to make friends that Write An Essay For Me wants to give you is to be exactly who you are. Just be open about your hobbies, interests and experiences! You will never know how attractive your true self is to another person. 

Take advantage of the first week at college

Without your recognition, the first week at college is very ideal for meeting and getting to know new people. During this period of time, most colleges hold events to welcome new students; literally, your potential BFF can be anywhere. Alternatively, try finding your “soulmate” using the following advice. 

Try talking to a new person per day

Talk to at least a person per day

You are likely to meet lots of people every single day at college, so don’t let the chances pass by! Try starting up a conversation with at least a classmate per day. It can be before class starts, during self-learning periods, at lunch time, etc. just simply put some effort to it! By doing this, perhaps, you will find a perfect study-mate or a BFF to grow up with for 4 years at college. 

Introduce yourself to whom you sit next in class

Introduce yourself to your deskmates

Yes, we understand that talking to strangers can be extremely awkward at first. However, these initially random conversations can do wonders for starting any relationship. You just cannot remember when and how you talked to an old highschool friend, don’t you? It is exactly the same at college! Time, lessons, homework, etc. are the topics you can use to start talking to your desk-mates. 

Join in at least one social club 

Unlike highschools, colleges usually have diverse social clubs in order to create a playground for students apart from learning only. For example, theater club, sport club, Mathematics club, English club, etc. Based on your own interests and hobbies, choose and join in at least one college club. As we have mentioned above, being your true self is the most important thing to remember when it comes to the question: “How to make new friends?”. On the one hand, you have a chance to perform and learn more about a specific subject or field that you are keen on. On the other hand, it is an ideal opportunity for you to search for new friends. 

Join in social clubs

Write An Essay For Me suggests that you should take part in a club organized for students in your major. Sometimes, there may not be a specific one for your major; if so, try looking for a social club which is relevant the most to your college major. This kind of club provides you a chance to share knowledge, thoughts and tips to others who are following the same study path as yours. Because of this reason, you can feel the sympathy in other students and vice versa; helping to form long-last friendships. 

Attend some of the college events 

Take part in college events

Same as clubs, events are often held at college with the purpose of uniting students from different majors together. Also, challenge yourself to go to events that you have known nothing about. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it is true! Along with making new friends, these events can provide you with new knowledge and experience you have never known before. 

Get to know more about your roommates and floor-mates (For students living in college dorms) 

Once you have decided on moving into a college dorm, it becomes your second house. If so, you are going to need some “family members” to make your dorm room a true home. 

Seriously, don’t be shy! You can start by asking your roommates whether they want to have lunch or dinner together. When you and your roommates get closer to each other, try making new friends with your “neighbours” – or we can say floor-mates. Then, it is personal story and experience time! How you feel when beginning to study at college, what major you are learning and why you chose it, etc. are among the topics you can consider during lunch or dinner talk. 

Get to know more about your roommates or floor-mates

These are the 7 tips on how to make friends at college suggested by Write An Essay For Me. Hopefully, the above “hacks” are useful and benefit your college life. 

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