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Nowadays, a perfect Upwork proposal has become more important than ever before. Basically, Upwork is one of the largest global freelancing platforms, allowing businesses to find, recruit, hire, and pay highly qualified freelancers for both short-term and long-term projects. 

If you are looking for someone to help you with “write an essay for me,” “help me write my paper”, you are on the right track. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to write a powerful Upwork proposal.

Upwork Platform

How to Write a Winning Upwork Proposal

Begin an Upwork Proposal

In the first line, it is critical to demonstrate that you have comprehended their job demand. It is much more significant than your profile information. Numerous proposals are starting with: “Hi, I am Christine Nguyen and I can___.” In fact, they do not care as it is really boring and popular in use.

Instead, you can begin by saying: “Hi. I just took a look at your job description, and it appears that you are looking for ___”. Admittedly, this is such a greater deal, and in the event that you simply make a change of this, you might have a chance of getting a lot of job interviews.

Remember that discussing their requirements and job demands before introducing yourself is also an effective way because it shows you read their job posting right away. Most freelancers reorder a similar crappy proposal to each client who promptly deletes it.

Show them you carefully read the job description

Write The Main Part Of Your Proposal 

The middle of your Upwork proposal has two primary components. First, you should share some of your experience and how you have assisted different types of clients overcome similar problems or accomplish similar goals in the past. 

Keep in mind that four or five sentences are enough. You do not need to tell about your biography; honestly, they do not care. They are only interested in how you are able to support them and address their issues. Clients can be varying from students to employees. 

If your target is students, you need to focus on mentioning how you can help them “write my essay for me” . This way is to let them feel that you understand their issues clearly and find the best ways to solve them.

The second piece is that you have to show you are an expert in your area.

This is easily achieved by suggesting and highlighting the possibilities you observe or by posing a query. 

For instance, you may write, “I would be eager to hear if you have tried___.” I used to implement that with other customers, and the outcome was ___.

Moreover, you will need something to convince them you are the expert in either case. Why would they recruit you if you were not qualified?

Make Sure The Length Of Your Upwork

According to experienced people,  the word counts on recent successful proposals range from 80 to 116. Each effective Upwork proposal has an average of 93 words.  If you want to begin getting interviews on Upwork, you should use this guideline and keep it brief.

As you can imagine, clients usually receive more than 50 proposals within the first eight hours of posting a job. Have you ever thought that they want to read a large block of text per proposal? So just keep it short and sweet, save time for both you and your clients, and you will get more interviews.

End Your Proposal With A Call Action

There are numerous approaches to complete your Upwork proposal. However, we will provide you two best options. 

The first choice is inquiring about their projects or requirements. If you have not previously posted an inquiry in the middle of a proposal, you might ask a question like, “Do you create a site where I can learn more about this?” Admittedly, this is the right method to get a comment and discover more information about the task.

Another way is to use a more conventional “source of inspiration” that instructs them to respond or ask when they have free to talk. For example:

“Looking forward to your reply, and kindly let me know when might be a suitable time for us to meet this week.” Or “Are you available for a short talk on Thursday or Friday? Please contact me which decision turns out best for you.”

Ensure Your Upwork Profile Supports What You Are Saying 

Even though your profile is not the same as your Upwork proposal, it is really crucial. If you’re writing a fantastic proposal, making recommendations, asking questions, and sounding like a real expert, you will need your Upwork profile to prove that you will be a potential candidate for those looking for “who can write an essay for me”.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Become a specialist rather than a generalist. 
  • Similar to your Upwork proposal, your profile should provide more details about their needs and less about you.
  • Demonstrate that you are picky about who you work with!
  • Stop acting frantic and stop doing ventures that are not a perfect fit for your expertise.

Missteps To Sidestep in Your Upwork Bidding Proposals

They write spaciously, unwieldy paragraphs without insufficient spacing. After reading your proposal, the reader instantly dreads reading it. They send the same proposal to all without tailoring it for their demands. If you do this, no one wants to recruit you.

The common mistake is that we introduce too much of ourselves rather than discussing their needs and problems.

Now, you understand what you should do and what you should not do, you have to keep away from these errors in the next proposals you submit.

Important Steps Before Submitting Your UpworkProposal

Making sure about the clients and their needs is an essential step before submitting your Upwork proposal.

As mentioned above, almost all job seekers on Upwork speak only about themselves, and the customers do not seem to mind as it is dull and generic.

Therefore, you should look for “You” before sending your proposal, and then check how often you utilized the word “you.”

Later, you also search for “I” and count them like the way you do with the word “ you.” 

After counting, you should consider saying “you” no less than you are saying “I.” If this is not the case, rewrite it until it is.

When Is The Best Time To Send Upwork Proposals?

We would suggest submitting proposals only for occupations that were posted during the last 24 hours. Remember that you should not waste time or ideas on jobs that are 2 or 3 days. This implies you just need to submit for professions on Upwork several times a week, as you will be only going after positions posted during the recent day.

Sending proposals only for jobs that were posted during the last 24 hours

Your accurate timetable will be determined by your timezone, potential clients, and your availability. In case you have more clients and do not require as many meetings, you can skip Tuesday or Thursday and turn to Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Yet while you are ramping up, make it a habit to do it every day! 

Create a system for yourself in terms of keywords and search filters, and then just follow it every day. Surely, it will become second nature and extremely simple to do a couple of weeks later.


As we mentioned before, remember these important points to write the proposal effectively: Do not introduce yourself too much, write a short proposal, end your proposal with a “call to action.” You should also notice understanding clients’ problems by giving a specific keyword like “ write an essay for me.”

We hope that this article on how to write a powerful Upwork proposal is useful for you. Thank you for reading, and see you in our next post!


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