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The topic for this day’s “write an essay for me” series is about the way to make a formal business report. If you’re struggling with completing your report, the article today will help you solve it. 

Keep on reading to unveil the secret of writing a formal business report at ease. 

Definition About A Formal Business Report

A formal business report is a validated paper containing information, research, statistics, and other figures to help the leader create objectives and strategies for the company’s development. 

Depending on the type and the topic, the report could reach any length – it may be up to 50 pages long with its thorough information and data. 

Below are some most common kinds of formal business reports, designed for their own purposes:

  • An investigative report: 

An investigative report will indicate the possible threats in a particular opportunity. Therefore, this one can benefit business owners in predicting the risks when investing or purchasing. You could also use it in inspecting a proposed merger.

  • A recommendation or justification report

This report is best to use to suggest your idea to the management. The body part of the report would contain some segments like fees, risks, and advantages.

For example, suppose you want your company to replace the old computer with a new one. In that case, you will have to use this report to make a persuasive argument to reassure the leader to change it for you. 

  • A feasibility report

To evaluate the result of a proposed idea, this feasibility report is the most suitable one. The content will enclose information about possible issues, correlated fees, and the advantages of that idea. 

When using this report, you can identify whether the suggestion is financially rewarding or not. You can also find out if the target time is practical and if the possibility of the budget exceeding is likely to happen. 

  • A periodic report

This report is very useful for improving the company’s services, processes, products, or policies. It may consist of loss and interest figures or the efficient examination. A monthly report is an example for the periodic report.

  • A Research studies report

In this type of report, you can find some analyzing information of the problems and some recommendations for solving them.

  • A yardstick report

The use of the yardstick report is to introduce a variety of solutions as options toward a specific circumstance.

Write An Essay For Me  – How to write a formal business report 

In this “write my essay for me” series, we will show you how to create a formal business report with just 11 essential steps. Check out right below. 

#1. Make a Plan before writing.

Handle the formal business report as you are dealing with a project. Before organizing your information and jotting down all the sections, please make a plan of the exact result you want to achieve. In this way, you will be able to make a report in a simple and clear style with higher possibilities.

#2. Check for an internal established format.

There are chances that your company has already had an official format for the formal business report. Therefore, it would help if you could check your company’s handbook beforehand. You can also ask the person to whom you send the report to see if there is any particular one recommending for your usage. When you use the established one, your report will be presented more professionally. 

#3. Add a title to your report.

The next step of writing a formal business report is to add the title.

The title is as important as the content of the whole article. Ensure it is presented with the right font, size, and position of the text (in which you should put it on top of the report). 

Usually, the title is used to brief the content within your writing, but what’s more? It will invoke the reader’s curiosity, giving your report more value than ever. 

And lastly, you should remember to put your name along with the people who have worked on this report with you, add a date, and you’re good to go.

#4. Make a table of contents.

Table of contents

This part is very crucial when your report is complex and long. Even if the table of content page is often at the start of your report, it should be the one written once you have done with the content of your report. 

The content of this page has to stick to the title. Therefore, you’d better jot down the section headings the same as each section and ensure the page numbers match up.

#5. Add an abstract or summary.

The summary will sum up all your report’s main points or even bring about your viewpoint from the conclusion. This section helps readers overview what you’re going to write about, yet it is not compulsory, notably if you have a short report. It would be great to ask the person requiring that report to see if they want an abstract or a summary.

Even though the summary is at some top pages of the report, this section should be written at the end, together with the table of contents page, so that you can add some information from your recommendations section or conclusion.

#6. Write an introduction


While writing the title is to summarize the report’s idea, the introduction is responsible for clearing the purpose of the report and giving background information. 

Though the introduction should not be too long or too short, it must be enough to inform and understand (about 4 to 5 lines). Often people use an introduction to display definitions of the topic and a summary of the main argument.

#7. Outline the methodology of your report

The methodology is the part that demonstrates the investigation methods you have picked to build the report; it can be a quantitative method, a qualitative method, or a combination of those two. You should have a clear submission of the reason behind your choice of using the methods.

#8. Introduce your findings

In this section, you have to indicate the “fruit” of your research. Please note that the detailing of the outcome has to be logical and concise but still ensure that you have enough information to prove your thorough research.

A technique to make the findings legible is to use numbered sections, headings, and subheadings to adjust them. You can display the findings in bullet points, a table, or with illustrations and graphics. Yet, make sure that your graphics have to be suitable for your report.

#9. End with a conclusion and some recommendations

After explaining your whole research in the report, conclude at the end. The conclusion is the key to expressing what you’ve learned from the finding process and helping the reader generally understand the result.

If possible, recommendations are really helpful too because they will extend the reader’s understanding further and more detailed. You should clearly indicate each of your recommendations, showing the reader how it will affect them if they choose one way or another. 

#10. Add appendices and a bibliography

Both bibliography and appendices sections are considered professional acts in creating a complete article. In the bibliography section, you should put in all the sources you’ve used to make this report and arrange the names in alphabetical order.

On the other hand, appendices are a list of images, charts, maps, tables, etc. This list will make it easier for readers to locate the page containing an image or table. The appendices should be arranged according to your report, not in alphabetical order.

#11. Proofread

The last step to finish the topic of this “write an essay for me” series is to use a proofread tool to check for mistakes. 

No matter how good your report is, the first things people will notice to judge your professionalism are grammar, spellings, etc. So don’t be haste, take your time to double-check your report for any text errors mentioned above, and the result may surprise you. Use a proofread tool to help you perfect your report faster and more overall. 

In Short 

All in all, we hope our “write an essay for me” today can be helpful guidance for you in your process of writing a formal business report. This instruction can be used in different types of business reports, so don’t hesitate to try it out. 

Best luck with your work. Thank you for writing. 


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