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The fact is that every one of us has to experience writing an essay at least once in life. It can be a simple exercise in literature class or the toughest internship report at university. That’s why how to get better at writing becomes a matter of concern these days. In fact, improving writing skill is not as difficult as you may think. Write An Essay For Me has put together some expert tips to help you make dramatic changes and improvements to your essay quality. Let’s get started! 

How to get better at essay writing? – Expert tips from Write An Essay For Me

Begin every essay with an outline

Writing an essay can be considered as creating a masterpiece, and every masterpiece needs to start with sketches. Before putting any actual words into your essay, you have to remember that outline is your best friend. In other words, the very first tips on how to get better at writing is to improve your outline. 

Always start with an outline

Right at the beginning, you need to sketch out an outline of what you plan to write in your paper. This outline plays a vital role as a weapon helping you to win against the other writers. Different outlines lead to different readers’ experiences, which makes up to the success of your writing. Write An Essay For Me suggests that you should only use a simple framework of which sections will appear in a particular order. Moreover, you can add in a few sentences describing what each section will contain. Yes, just as simple as that! You don’t have to complicate your outline! Like a roadmap, these few pieces of information are enough to help you whenever you feel lost at “writing trips”. 

Learn to accept that first drafts are mostly crap 

You need to accept that writing is not so simple as getting success right in one of the first drafts. If you find your initial drafts are always crap, that is totally fine! The fact is that we have to be imperfect before becoming perfect, isn’t it? Therefore, don’t get disappointed in yourself if you don’t create a masterpiece on the first attempt. 

Accept that most first drafts are crap

As you may not know, writing is an iterative process. Even the best famous authors have to spend a large amount of time reworking their writing before succeeding. Write An Essay For Me advises you on getting all of your ideas down on the first draft, then going back and starting improving them. 

Stick with simple words and sentences

According to John Grisham – one of the bestselling authors, there are three types of words including words we know (1), words we should know (2) and words nobody knows (3). He also stated that we should avoid using words in the 3rd category and use those in the second category in a restraint way. 

Stay simple

The boundary between having a rich vocabulary and showing off by dropping incomprehensible words into your writing is extremely small. Therefore, Write An Essay For Me that you ought to keep your words and sentences simple unless you intend to be poetic. 

Do some real research on a certain topic

Instead of copying someone else’ work and getting problems with plagiarism, you should do some research on your own. The information which you take time to research for is the key to help you stand out from other writers. In addition, the more sources you have, the more convincing your writing is to the readers.  

Research for more informtaion

You need to be extra careful when researching information, since not all online sources are credible. If you have not known how to find reliable sources for your essay writing, let Write An Essay For Me help you out! Read our article: “How to know if a source is reliable or not when referring?” for more details. 

Infuse your ego and personality into the writing

Now, let’s come to the last tip on how to get better at writing which is infusing your true soul into the essay. It is always great to be able to express our own thinking and opinion, isn’t it? Why don’t you do it right in your essay writing? Letting your ego and personality shine through is the best way to develop your writing style. Furthermore, by doing this, you are giving yourself a chance to feel comfortable when writing; and obviously, when you start to feel enjoyable, you can do everything! 

Infuse your ego and personailty into the writing

You should consider using the phrases or slang that you normally use. Yet, make sure that you explain them clearly to the readers. If it is possible and appropriate, try to throw a relevant personal anecdote into your essay. Just be yourself but in the most formal and professional writing settings. 

Let Write An Essay For Me improve your essay writing

Above are the 5 ultimate tips on how to get better at writing that Write An Essay For Me wants to provide you with. Don’t worry if you cannot see any significant changes in the first attempt, because improvement takes time! 

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