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Length is among the important components that make up the success of any college or university paper. Most educational institutions have their own request on the report length of students. In fact, many students are nowadays struggling with how to lengthen their reports to meet the requirements of their schools. Having understood all of your concern, Write An Essay For Me is going to provide you with these following easy tricks to increase the size of your report. 

Ways to make your report longer suggested by Write An Essay For Me

Take one more look at your report outline

Right at the moment you started to write the Conclusion part, you immediately threw the report outline away, didn’t you? If so, here is an advice from Write My Essay For Me: You should get rid of that habit as soon as possible! 

Write My Essay For Me knows that for many of you here, an outline is just a guide to start writing your report. However, that seem-to-be-useless outline can benefit you when it comes to lengthening a college or university paper. If you are looking for places where you can input more information and make the report longer, Write An Essay For Me suggests you take another look at your outline. By doing this, you will be likely to come up with some ideas or points that you have missed or have not developed enough. Additionally, you may find some paragraphs that can be separated into smaller ones in order to introduce more ideas. 

Review your report outline

Apart from lengthening, the process of reviewing the outline gives you another chance to reorganize your report. Perhaps, it will change into a more sense and understandable essay to readers. 

Edit the Introduction and/or the Conclusion parts

Without you being aware of, ideas do evolve as you are writing. Therefore, you may have left out some key information in the Introduction part. This is the reason why Write An Essay For Me advises you on glancing at this first section once you have done writing the whole report. 

Then, do the same thing for the Conclusion part of your essay. You should ensure that all key points that you have written in the report are summarized in this last section. 

If you find any vital information is missed out, try to edit or rewrite these 2 parts. 

Add in more examples and/or supporting evidence

Using examples is the number one solution to improve the length of your report. First of all, you ought to look back at those claims that you made and question yourself: Did I back those points up with enough examples? If you did not, try adding in more supporting evidence to prove that your claim is accurate. In other words, you not only lengthen your essay, but you also strengthen your arguments to the readers.

Make good use of other authors’ quotes

Quotation is one of the elements that should be included in any well-researched report. Moreover, it does help to lengthen your college or university paper. Besides, this is a legitimate way to show that: “Yes, there are other authors out there that agree with what I am trying to say!”. 

However, using other writers’ thoughts or ideas can be extremely risky if you do in a wrong way. Specifically, you may get into trouble with plagiarism. Therefore, you should be extra careful to format the quotes properly and cite the sources. 

Use other writers’ quotes properly

Speaking of reference sources, it is also a way to not only improve your report but also increase word count. You should glance at your essay and add in additional sources that you have not previously mentioned. The more sources you include, the stronger your report will be. It can be seen as a win – win situation, since you can both lengthen the report and improve the quality of it. 

Use transitional words and/or phrases

If you are looking for a more natural way to increase the size of your report, try using transitional words and/or phrases. They will allow you to jump from one idea to another in a very smooth and gentle way. In addition, it will be easier for readers to follow your thoughts. 

Here is how you should do it! After finishing the report, read through it again to find out if there are any hard-to-understand parts. Then, edit or rewrite those parts to make sure that all of your sentences flow from one to the next. 

Write An Essay For Me knows how to lengthen your report

Yes, lengthening an essay can be extremely tiring to do; because it requires you to re-read the whole report and rewrite some parts of it. However, with Write My Essay For Me, getting your report to reach the right and appropriate length is no longer difficult. 

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