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I used to be a normal student at school. I am good at Math, but very bad at social subjects, especially essay writing. My Mom is a Math teacher, I love her too much because of the desire on Math she has given to me, but she did not help me much in writing. In the summer of 10th, when I suddenly read a book about a Logic person from a very famous writer, my mind had changed. Instead of thinking that Writing, as well as other social fields, was not my strength, I found the way to write my essay for me. My scores at school improved day by day, then at the graduation exam, I got 85 points for the essay subject.

Why do I find it hard to write an essay for me?

As I have mentioned above, I am a Math student, I only feel into Math and some other Science subjects such as Physics and Chemistry. In my opinion, the reason why writing is hard for me is that I like brevity and the concise, I don’t like the implied things. If someone asks me “How do you feel?”, I tend to answer “Fine” or “Not fine” rather than “I feel deeply happy”. In math, in math, people mostly tend to shorten their sentences and avoid using too many words. Instead, we use mathematical notations or anything but words. For example, “=>” is usually used for causality, ,   is used with the meaning: “for any natural number x”

In Math and most science subjects, solving steps and thinking processes are more important, rather than considering how to interpret the problem and how it is presented. However, when I write my essay for me, it is different, even the opposite which keeps me from lengthening my sentences.

In addition, In Math, there is only one result for a problem, even when there are many solutions. There are no absolute right and wrong in social studies, so it is difficult to draw a brief conclusion on a subject. For example, when wanting to discuss the topic “The Suitability of Cardi B’s WAP performance at the Grammy Awards?”, A student who is good at Math when approaching the problem tries to find the only option is yes, or no. However, this is difficult in social matters. Oftentimes a social problem needs to be explored and viewed in more angles than simply answering the question literally.

When a socially inclined person takes up such a problem, other questions they might ask are: “Why Cardi B, why WAP?”, “Cardi B must have anticipated the controversial issues, but she still did, there must be some reason behind”, “How can Cardi B’s actions be supported / disproportionate”,“ Is there a way for her can be on the stage, but it doesn’t affect the kids”

Considering a problem in multiple dimensions instead of going into direct answers to the question will give me a more thorough knowledge preparation. After that, I can draw out what is the satisfactory answer (for me) and how to present it to convince the reader, then I can write an essay for me. Please don’t ask me my answer to the topic above. Lol.

Math Students’ hidden strengths

The most important question is: I am a naturally left-brained student. The only thing I am good at is math. I find it very difficult to begin analyzing an essay and don’t know how to write an essay for me. What should I do?

Yes. Please be calm. I am here to help you. As I have mentioned above, I used to be very ignorant of some social subjects, maybe even more ignorant than many people who are reading this article. Now, let’s brainstorm and think, what are the strengths of a good math student?

Use formulas

Math students are very good at following formulas. I have used this way to write my essay for me and make writing so much easier: find a writing formula for each type of writing. For example, I often choose to analyze problems from macro to micro, from objective to subjective. Applying to the aforementioned Cardi B topic, what is macro? Is it welcome in other countries? What is objectivity: Perceptions of people from the perspective of the audience, parents with young children, who are similar to Cardi B. What is subjective: So what is my point of view, why do I have such views.

Use sharp reasoning

Do not forget that a huge strength of people who are good at Math is logical thinking. This thinking helps us to come up with sharper perspectives and to know how to organize them effectively. Make the most of what is your strength. When I write an essay, I focus on developing more and more strong evidences to support my opinion, which leads to higher score.

Finally, after this reading I would like you to have an overview of essay writing to a left-brainer. I myself am not a very talented person, I simply went through it, and the above experiences helped me get a higher score, from 5 to 8.5, so I feel very excited to share with everybody. Hope everyone after reading the above article will feel interested, especially those like me, and you can be confident when writing an essay for you.



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