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Like the part in the human body, the appendix contains additional information and not necessarily necessary for the main content of the article. An appendix can include the reference for readers, summaries of raw data, or additional details about the method to study. Let’s say you need to write an addendum to your essay or decision to write an annex for your personal project, start by collecting the content for the addendum, and how to format accordingly. Then you need to complete the appendix so that it’s easy to find, use, and attract readers. I determine that an appendix is one of the most important parts when I write my essay for me.

1. Collect raw data.

The appendix should contain the raw data I collected during the research to write my essay for me. I try to provide all the raw data related to the essay, especially data evidence for the information I’ve found. It should only include primary data on the information that refers to or be discussed in the essay, as I need to ensure the data necessary for readers. Raw data can be the sample calculations that I refer to in the body section as well as the specific data that extends the information I discuss in the article. Raw statistics should also be mentioned in an annex.

You should also include relevant data from other sources to help support the information you find in your article. Make sure you cite information from another source appropriately.

2. Add charts, graphs, or relevant images.

When I write my essay for me, the appendix should also contain visual support documents such as charts, graphs, images, maps, drawings, or pictures. I make it only include images that support the information I find in the article.

Sometimes I use custom graphs or graphs or from other sources when I write my essay for me. I always make sure that I cite image documents from another source in the annex accordingly when I write my essay for me.

3. A note of the equipment in an annex.

I’ll need to note the tools that I used to do the research when I write my essay for me. It could be the camera, the recorder, or any device that helped me collect information. It helps when readers know how I used that tool to do my research when I write my essay for me.

For example, I note in annex: “all interviews and surveys have been made directly in a private place and recorded in a recorder” when I used it to write my essay for me.

4. Add a copy of the interview or survey contents.

The annex also needs a copy of the interview or survey that I have done for my research when I write my essay for me. I try to make sure that the copy includes the full interview content, such as questions and answers. I also need to include copies of the paper on paper or backup content that has been completed online.

You should also include any correspondence that has been on the subject, such as a copy of the email, mail, or handwritten notes sent or sent to the subject of research.


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