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An good essay play an important in applying to universities, for both local and oversea students. If I have a excellent essay, I can have chance to get the scholarship. When I write my essay for me, I usually talk about my best achievements, my dream or difficulties through a impressive opening,  detailed context, gripping knots. This post includes my experiences in write my essay for me to apply to universities, hope that it will help I as well.

1. An impressive opening

When I write my essay for me, I always try my best to make the admissions board unable to take Ir eyes off my essay. I will have an opening with some interesting activities. If I write my essay for me with the opening as “one day, I decide to see the TV”, no one is interested in the following part. Maybe after watching TV, I’m about to make a meaningful gesture but the reader is no longer interested in opening boredom. In contrast, if the beginning is ” the moment I’ve encountered the main difficulty is when I think my life will change my article, it’s intriguing, compelling read.

2. Detailed context

“In mid-may 2011, I was a father, busy consulting in McKinsey’s office in Chicago, a 25-year old happy teenager, which was considered an impressive article by the detailed context. The context (including people, time, place) is important because readers want to understand the story. It helps them closer to the problem I’m talking about when I write my essay for me.

3. Introduce the knot in the essay

When I write my essay for me, the most fascinating thing for the reader is the knot. The knot is a situation where the reader recognizes the difficulty of the protagonist, the risks that the main character encounters. If the character has nothing to lose, the reader doesn’t care about the next story. I don’t have to make a big difficulty to make the story attractive, but it needs a knot like a health problem, work, or community-wide issues worth arguing about.

4. Describing the obstacle and the main character point

“I wish I could quickly disappear, I can only think of it for a few days. I didn’t even tell my wife. But I realize the knowledge is power and see the doctor. Within a week I received a diagnosis: cancer” – with this paragraph, the reader is interested in two factors that appear: trouble and character. At this point, the reader knew I were the main character – the father, the.. consultant. But the lines above show I: a normal person who wishes to disappear is also a responsible person who is responsible for. I won’t necessarily show a positive personality. When I write my essay for me, many essays require to describe difficulty or failure encounters. With those cards, I’ll express my personality, but over time I’ve changed positively.


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