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Essay is a common kind of assignment for every student. It is used by teachers as homework or exam. There’s the fact that essays are often underestimated because although it’s hard to write a good essay, it plays just 15% of total score in general exams. But if you understand the rules and collocations, writing an essay will not be so difficult anymore. This post is going to give you the standard framework for essays that you can follow to get high mark. They are all the experiences I get when I write my essay for me.

1. Outline

This is the most important part to collect all ideas of the subject when I write my essay for me. Based on the topic, I’ll make a broad decision on how to implement a post – overview post or narrow audience and analyze specific analytics.

After preparing the english essay, you’ ll set the most basic framework.

To prepare for the subject when I write my essay for me, I need a draft and a pen. In 2 to 3 minutes I find out and write all the ideas that can be deployed in.

Many people often skip this step because they spend time, not necessarily. But in fact, when I write my essay for me, I have to focus on the structure, vocabulary. So I will forget about the original ideas. If I don’t write them down, I won’t get the information, ao the essay will be lack of idea.

2. Thesis statement

The topic is the shortest sentence covering the entire english essay. This topic must be a complete statement, not a question or phrase. The subject has to be vague, summarized the contents of the essay. So there’s a unique element, appealing to the topic of the article. I can still implement and fix this topic after I write my essay for me. But the topic remains consistent with the intended content.

3. Introduction paragraph

My essay is only complete when there’s enough of the opening of both the opening and the ending. When I write my essay for me, the opening section is to create attraction with readers. Evoke content that needs to be said so they can guess the focus of the article.

The opening section will determine the information that includes: ingestion, theme.

There are three things that I never miss for a perfect start:

  • Catch readers attention
  • Present the thesis statement of the essay
  • Give readers a clear idea of what the essay will cover

There are also many way to write the opening of an essay, such as:

  • A quote
  • Example or Story
  • Surprising Fact or Idea
  • Strong opinion or position
  • A question

When I write my essay for me, I try to avoid using the phrase “This essay is about” or “The topic of this essay is”.

4. Body paragraph

Every idea in this part of the body is an idea in the subject. So there are words that link between sentences and divide into two and three main points. When I write my essay for me, each of which is the idea of clarifying the content. Paragraphs have a theme (topic sentence) to reinforce the topic and some examples of evidence. I always estimate the number of words you intend to write based on the request when I write my essay for me.


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