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If you must perform work that requires searching, aggregating, and analyzing information from in-depth sources, such as academic research or completing important dissertations, the quality sources of information are very important. If you accidentally use information from untrusted sources, it could cause you a lot of trouble. For example, what it does reduces the persuasion, effectiveness, or even accuracy of your arguments in general. Then they make it difficult to prove the validity of that point of view. more. Fortunately, we live in an age where information resources are far more accessible, and education-related search engines are also very various. The reliable resources are very important for you when you “write my essay”.

The specialized search engines below will focus less on providing users with general results after each search query. They focus more on mainstream articles and news from reliable sources, such as from reputable institutions, educational institutions, or academic forums. This makes them the perfect choice for those who are looking for information from authentic sources and don’t want to get in trouble. Although you can still use common search engines like Google or Bing to solve this problem. But using specialized search engines will ensure you deliver more reliable results that you can confidently cite in your research articles. It saves more time to determine the reliability of the information it collects.

So what are the most popular search engines which relate to education today? Take a look at the following five examples, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. However, their common point is that they can all help you find top quality information for research projects and “write my essay”.

Google Scholar.com

Don’t be mistaken, this is absolutely no ordinary Google! It is a “branch” of regular searches conducted on Google, called Google Scholar. Instead of searching in a general way, you can use Google Scholar to search for books, research articles, and even information about court cases.

On the main page, just enter the phrase you want to look up as usual. Google Scholar will then proceed to filter its database and select relevant examples. If your research is time-sensitive (such as technology), you can select the options on the left to change the “new” level of information you want to search.

If I write my essay with strict source requirements, Google Scholar will provide you with sample excerpts from its sources. Look for a template that fits your building standards, then simply copy directly into the quote to save time.


Despite being launched not long ago, RefSeek is a reliable option for finding information for research. It takes a more web-based approach, offering relevant but very reliable sites for whatever field you’re researching. Overall, RefSeek is a great tool for summarizing many articles and information related to a specific audience. For example, if you want to learn about a computer’s processor, this searcher will show you lots of great articles at the same time.

However, RefSeek does not just perform searches. If you are filtering information in a specific area, RefSeek also has its own “directory” page. This site acts as a great directory hosting useful educational websites that you may need. When you choose the category you want to browse, RefSeek will provide a list of effective websites to help you study as well as lookup necessary information.


Citeulike is one of the “powerful” educational search engines for finding specific articles and research. If you are finding academic sources to “write my essay”, this is a great tool. After entering a search term, Citeulike will bring out all researches on this topic. If an article is believed by Citeulike to be highly authentic, there will be a mark next to it. You can also see groups of information related to your search terms, see a quick summary for each article before checking the full version, and hiding all unnecessary details.

If an article is believed by Citeulike to be highly authentic, there will be a mark next to it.

When you have found a suitable article, click on the link and Citeulike will take you to the page of that article. Here, you can also see all the sites where the article can be found. Besides, articles can be exported to various formats and citation templates for that article. This feature is very useful if I want to select safe, reliable sources to read and quote when I write my essay.


iSeek is also an academic search tool worth using. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly modest results list – iSeek will only show 10 search results per page and if you search for something scientifically popular, then there are many pages on this topic (see illustration below). If the number of search results returned looks a bit confusing, you can use the search results filter on the left.

Each search result will come with a direct link to the source website, as well as an option to email the results to everyone. Sources can also be rated in the form of stars by other users, this helps you determine which source is more reliable and more appropriate for your research.

Virtual LRC.com

Virtual LRC is an interesting site for those who are doing research work. Although essentially the Virtual LRC works as much as any other search engine, the real key to making it a useful academic search engine is its ability to filter results. search. There will be a few categories at the top of the page after you search. By clicking on these items, you can filter the results by the categories you have selected. For example, if you search for information about coffee, you can click on News => Opinion to filter general articles about coffee. Or choose Health/Medicine to read about information about the impact of coffee with human health. Or choose History to search for articles on the history of coffee. This preeminent filtering feature makes Virtual LRC a diverse tool that can be used to display topics according to specific aspects. When I write my essay, this tool is useful for me to find the sources.


Whether you like it or not, scientific research is an integral part of learning. And to make your works more convincing, finding and selecting information is especially important. Hopefully, these academic search engines will serve you well in the learning process, especially when you “write my essay”. Good luck!


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