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1. How should I write my essay?

Some students mistakenly think that presenting an essay means having novel headlines, using complex fonts, and cleverly decorated essay. Not at all – and the time spent on these things won’t get extra points – in some cases even worse. Articles that are professionally presented, clear, and easy to read are the keys to help students achieve high scores.

You still have not disseminated the standard essay presentation, right? Don’t worry, this article will guide you in detail on how to “write my essay”.

2. How to present your essay on paper size and type

– The thesis is presented on A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm), in portrait style.

– Format margins: bottom, top: 2.0-> 2.5cm, right: 2.0cm, left: 3.0-> 3.5cm.

– Fon letters: Times New Roman.

– Code table: Unicode.- Font size (content): 12.

– Line spacing: 1.2-1.3 lines

– Length of the thesis: maximum of 50 pages (not including the appendix).

– Length of an essay: maximum of 30 pages (excluding appendices).

– Attach a title page with name, MSSV, subject code, and essay/question of the essay.

– Number the page.

– Use the heater or footer to list your name and students’ id on each page.

– Always keep a copy of your essays. Keep both files and printouts.

3. Detailed instructions on how to present standard essays

3.1 What is an essay?

Essay is a short writing to present your point of view, research, and findings on a topic that the writer is interested in. It has a length of 5 to 20 pages. When I write my essay, it must give the problem, analyze the problem, and present new findings that the writer has discovered, or the opinion, ideas, conclusions of the writer.

A scientific essay cannot be improperly presented according to the writer’s preferences. It must follow the standards that specify the standard of font size, the spacing between lines, margins, type, title, thanks, notes, citations, references …

3.2 The composition of the essay:

+ Cover: The outside of the essay is the cover of the essay. The cover is made of hard paper, at the top of the school and department’s headline, in the middle of the subject page in big letters, the right corner of the page is the name of the instructor, the person who conducted the topic, the class and the school year. When you “write my essay”, you need to notice the cover pages, it can be beautifully framed (you can present in your school’s form)

– Name of the school, logo, name of the faculty, subject, student, teacher, date of implementation …).

+ Cover page (a form of the school).

+ Comment page of lecturer (if any).

+ Comment page of examiners (if any).

+ Acknowledgments (if any).

+ Table of contents: includes sections in thesis and project. The table of contents can include four heading levels. There must be at least 2 subtitles at the same level.

+ List of abbreviations and terminology.

+ List of tables, drawings…

3.3 Content of the essay:

The content of the essay must be relevant to the subject, contribute to answering, expanding, or improving knowledge about a subject’s matter. You need to make your own research, your own opinion about the matter mentioned in the essay. When you “write my essay” do not only write a summary of the available documents and opinions.

Chapter 1: Introduction (must state the urgency of the topic, scientific and practical meaning, the purpose/goal or request of research an study of the topic)

Chapter 2: Theoretical basis (stating main theories that are mainly related to the topic. If the content is too long, it can be included in the Appendix).

Chapter 3: Content and research methodology (need to be presented clearly and accurately. If presenting the code, the demo program should be fully presented in the Appendix).

Chapter 4: Results, comments, and conclusions of the essay. To write the conclusion of the essay, list the main ideas you mentioned in the essay. Knowing the main ideas of the essay will help you know exactly what you need to write and how to conclude. The topic of the essay will be introduced at the beginning, and your conclusion may similar to the introduction. However, it needs to be analyzed and summarized in a different way.


1. References must be separately arranged according to each language block (Vietnamese, Russian, English …). Keep original words without translating.

2. Order of arranging the list of references in each language block according to the principles of the order A, B, C of the author’s name. The author’s name is arranged according to the last name.

3. References must be included in the list of all necessary information and in the following order: ordinal number, last name, author’s name, the document name (article), source (miscellaneous name) issue, volume, number, year of publication, publisher, place of publication …)

Appendix (if any)

Above are some suggestions when I write my essay, please consider and apply them into your essay. Good luck.


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