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When I write my essay for me, after determining the requirements in the questions, the next stage I do is to define steps to write my essay for me. I will divide the process into smaller and simpler stages, then define the order and necessary amount of time for each one. The result is an accepted plan of writing my essay for me. There are 5 basic stages that I apply to write my essay for me, they are:

  • Identify the subject
  • Gather necessary information
  • Write the outline
  • Solve each item in the subject
  • Complete the essay

Actually, up to the subject, It will need to add or reject some different stages.

1. Identify the subject

First, when I write my essay essay for me, I will search and select research topics. The subject may be provided by the guide. I also must find it themselves to seek topics in the curriculum or in relation to the industry or subject. There is a need to clarify the scope of research such as the limit on the content of the content, the degree of study, for some sectors to limit the time, space of the event, the actual conditions. Since the time of essay writing is limited, it needs to be selected and has to be introduced to the appropriate limits, not to select too difficult, too large. When I present to teachers, my essay must be clearity in that the topic, the reasons to select that topic, methods of research, the scope of research and the name of the research (accurately with the contents and limitations of the subject).

2. Gather necessary information

After having identified the essay on essay research, it must be gathered to gather information related to research. When I write my essay for me, it is so important to check for anything possible. I often look for written reference

  • Documents such as books, newspapers, magazines, and science reports are stored in libraries or on the Internet.
  • Results obtained from experiments, experiments, field, internship, survey, etc. 
  • The result of the collection of information is a list of references, which are sorted by the name of the author or the name of document, etc.

3. Write the outline

The outline is the frame of the essay. The outline is the main outline of the problem of solving research whenever I write my essay for me. In this step, it is necessary to specify how much of the essay is included, how many sections, chapters, sections, and how the layout of each item is. Of course it’s only expectations, and then it can be changed.

Generally, the primary essay includes the following main sections:

  • The opening part: In this section, the topic of research, reasons, and purposes of research and research methodology.
  • Body: The essay body is composed of a number of chapters I, II, III. This is the main content of the essay, in the discipline of science. Each small section may include many items, representing the problem of solving problems in the subject, the results during the research, the evaluation, etc. The body can be written repeatedly, repair, supplement during the study. This is the main part of the work and the level of research of the person who performs the essay as well as needs most skills in the essay.
  • Conclusion: This section needs to summarize the problem of solving research results. To make the scientific and practical sense of research results. Finally, addressing unresolved issues and development of the subject.

4. Solve each item in the subject

This is the step taking the most effort in writing. When I write my essay for me, it need to proceed by this order:

  • Research
  • Experiment
  • Experimental
  • Investigating
  • Interviewing, examining documents, synthesizing and analyzing data, thinking, and giving comments, assessing, … for each section in the essay. Then write your research results in the essay. 

I’m used to writing in the form of all the information, the results, the ideas that have been given to the subject matter, are not sure. In the next steps, I will repair, sift, arrange, and complete. That what I do to solve each item in the subject when I write my essay for me.

5. Complete the essay

After I write most of the essay contents, it must be reread and completed. In this section, the editing of the essay with a computer will work very well. With computers, I can add, subtract, remove, modify the essay of the essay very freely, which can insert images, tables, diagrams, formulas, … very convenient when I write my essay for me.

In this step, it takes:

  • Adjust the contents and composition of the essay to match the process and results of research, and make the associated sections seamlessly, clearly. Bỏ, chắc, or man.
  • Correct spelling, sentence, and tứ so that the essay is presented correctly, understandable, and transparent.
  • Edit the content and form of tables, tables, figures. Enter the reference folder.
  • Adjust the format of the essay section as the headers, captions, references, etc. Create necessary sections for essay text such as: cover page, index, header/footer, etc.

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