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Accounting for about 15% of the common test format and also being considered the hardest part, the English essay is often given less attention than other sections.

But if you understand the rules, combine vocabulary and grammar harmoniously, you will have a great English essay and score points for this difficult part.

Here are tips to write articles for you to solve the difficulty of “write my essay”. Find out carefully and apply!

English essay frame

Prepare an outline

This is the most important idea-collection step for the assigned topic. Based on the topic, you will make a general decision on how to implement the article in an overview or narrowing audience and specific analysis.

After preparing the English essay idea, you will build the most basic framework.

When I write my essay, to prepare the outline for the topic I need a draft and a pen. In 2 to 3 minutes, learn and write down all the ideas that can be implemented in this essay.

Many people often skip this step because they think it is time-consuming and unnecessary. But in fact, “write my essay”, you must focus on structure, vocabulary and forget the original idea. If you do not write down, you will miss information, the English essay will not be good as you want.

Example: Write an English essay on the topic Family

Opening: In my family, I consider my brother to be my best friend…


Topic sentence 1. We have several mutual hobbies…

Topic sentence 2. He always helps me out of my troubles…

Conclusion: My brother and I make the best team…

Write a thesis statement (thesis statement)

The topic sentence is the most concise sentence covering the whole content of the English essay. This topic sentence must be a complete affirmation, not a question or phrase.

This topic sentence is not rambling, summarizing the essay content. There should be unique, attractive, well-presented article topics.

You can still implement and correct this topic sentence after writing it. But the subject must be consistent with the intended outline.

Introduction paragraph

Your essay is only completed when you have both a beginning and a conclusion. The introduction aims to attract readers.

The introduction will usually identify information including introductory sentences, topic sentences.

3 indispensable things for a perfect opening:

  • Should catch readers attention
  • Should present the thesis statement of the essay
  • Should give readers a clear idea of ​​what the essay will cover

There are many ways to start an English essay, which you can apply by:

  • A quote
  • Example or Story
  • Surprising Fact or Idea
  • Strong opinion or position
  • A question

Avoid using sentences like “This essay is about” or “The topic of this essay is”

For example: The topic “The harm of coffee”

=> Millions of Americans are physically addicted to caffeine – and most of them don’t even know it.

Body paragraphs

Each idea in the body of this article is the main idea in the topic. There should be words that link sentences and divide them into 2 to 3 main ideas, each of which consists of extra points that clarify the content.

The paragraphs have a topic sentence to reinforce the thesis and a few examples.

When I write my essay, I estimate the number of words you are going to write based on the topic requirement.

For example:

The English essay requires 500 words, please set aside the first 100 words for the opening of the essay and 100 words for the conclusion. There are 300 words in the body divided into 2, 3 different ideas. Each idea is from 100 to 500 words.

Conclusion paragraph

There are many different ways to conclude. You can follow the general idea or provide an overview of the topic. This section doesn’t need to be too long, 3 or 4 sentences is enough. Unique and impressive conclusions will lock the hearts of the readers. When writing the conclusion, the important thing to do is to read the essay again. Besides correcting spelling and grammar, you need to pay attention to the opening sentence and the final sentence, two key parts of the essay. When I write my essay, I spend some last minutes to read and edit the introduction and conclusion to make them be the best one.

Above are the indispensable steps in an English essay. The structure of the article helps you get 30% of the points, the remaining 70% completely depends on the harmonious combination of the above tests. They are grammar, vocabulary, style, …

Content of the essay

Use correct grammar

This is a prerequisite before combining with the remaining elements to bring the success of the essay. Just a little grammar, you will immediately see how the test affects.

The grammar here includes tenses, sentence structure, words in sentences. You have a variety of options for writing, but when you write, choose the most appropriate tense. And when you “write my essay”, you have to make sure the connection between the previous sentence and the following one.

Choose vocabulary that matches the context

Your vocabulary is various, but if used improperly will cause the word dilution condition. This means when writing an essay, you need to pay attention to the words you used. No need to show off all your vocabulary, you should write interesting sentences, consistent with the context created.

Clearly presented, coherent, correct punctuation

The paragraph presentation necessarily follows coherent requirements. All dots, commas need to follow the rules, showing the writer’s intentions. When I write my essay, I always go through the essay in some last minutes to guarantee I use correct punctuation.

English writing style

Each person has a different style. How should you write your own style to appeal to readers? Although the problem is quite complicated for beginners when combining their writing with English. But you just need to practice more and you will get used to it and the writing will be much more advanced.

Arrange sentences, words, clauses according to the rules

The order of adjectives, adverbs, and clauses in a sentence needs rules. This is a weakness you may be subjective but the examiners take this arrangement very seriously.

Based on the required number of words of the article give a reasonable idea

Each type of exam will have different English essay requirements. For example, when taking the high school graduation exam, you will be required a paragraph of about 150 words. You should now base the word with 15 to 18 lines.

Not enter

If you ask to write a paragraph, you absolutely must not go inline. But you must present clearly and clearly the intention of the article.

Common phrases to have in English essays


  • From my perspective
  • From my point of view
  • In my opinion
  • In my view
  • Personally
  • Personally speaking
  • To my way of thinking

Body post

  • Firstly / first
  • First of all
  • Secondly
  • Thirdly
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • What’s more + adj


  • In conclusion: the conclusion is
  • To conclude: to conclude
  • To sum up: sum up
  • Generally / In the general: in general

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