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You need to write faster for whether taking note or the essay that is about to be submitted, it is not too hard to take up the fast writing skill. You may learn to abbreviate to take note or manage your time effectively to be relax to deal with essays. I used to struggle with the writing essays, I didn’t have enough time for anything needing to be written. Then I learned the methods from my friends and teachers to write faster. Now, I can feel so relaxed to write my essay for me. I hope that methods below may be helpful for you as well.

1. Write the outline.

If there are some basic sentences, I often write down the key words instead of trying to write every word heard from teachers. I make a paper that is meaningful for me, even if it includes some weird symbols and characters. It will make me save time on writing and will be a good source of information for me to write my essay for me later. But those symbols and characters must be clear for me, if I can’t understand what I write when reread, it’s not helpful at all.

2. Use the symbols.

I often use symbols for important concepts that are related to the things I am writing about. I found that I have did this before when using characters “&” for “and”, “+” for “plus”, etc. Of course, I don’ t stop there. Whatever I’m doing, I can notice that I apply some of the words and nouns more than the other word. 

  • The character should be memorable, if you intend to write notes for yourself. Picture paintings in your head to discover character. For example, use the ” θ ” character from the Greek form of greek form to describe the word ” cells ” in the notebook. It’s A circle, like a cell, but it also has a straight line that reminds me of one of the cell divisions.
  • Characters like the alphabet. They should have a quick form of writing. Normally, if a character note takes more than half the time when writing a word, you need to simplify that character.
  • A good way to take the character from the alphabet of another language. Observe and store them in your mind collection to use later. Maybe they could be useful someday!
  • The character should be readable if you’re recording others. An arrow to denote the verb “is” usually understandable. A circle with a “/” slash through it will often mean “no”, or “impossible”.

3. Learn to abbreviate.

This is considered the best way to write faster. If I use abbreviations when I write my essay for me, my writing rate will reach about 200 words in a minute (wpm or words per minute) – the speed of a stenographer! The abbreviation for Gregg is the fastest and most popular system in the U.S. However, if there is not enough time to learn shorthand, I write shorthand, which can still increase my speed to about 60 – 100 words.

  • Gregg shorthand is usually based on a part of the sound and a dictation. It uses different doodles to indicate. This is often considered more efficient than the pitman method in spelling.
  • Pitman (pitman shorthand) is a technique based on the sound of the speed, rather than spelling. For example, “f” will be the same, even though it’s “elephant”, “find”, or “tough”. Pitman depends on the string consisting of diagonal, curves, and punctuation to replace the language of other languages.
  • Shorthand is also a phonetic system that includes writing from the extract so you don’t write the letter silently. It uses certain characters and letters to replace the (ví character for the character of the word “the” or “+” for the word “and” ). Writing shorthand is twice as fast as normal handwriting.
  • Writing key words is also a sound form. It only uses the same handwriting in the alphabet and allows you to write twice as fast as normal handwriting.

4. Learning to write by boustrophedon.

Boustrophedon is when I write my essay for me from left to right inline 1, from right to left line 2, and then I repeat progress for each line. If I can learn how to read and write in the way of the plow, I will remove the time spent in letting your hands go to the next line of which can make time cumulative.

5. Practice.

I write about everything you’re thinking about at any time. Writing in prose or poetry, abbreviations or writing, writing ” notes ” and ” official documents “. Practice is one of the ways I use to speed up writing when I write my essay for me, as well as shorthand

  • It stands for effect if you can remember them. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time remembering acronyms than simply writing lowercase.

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