Plagiarism, or expressing other people’s ideas or words is a common fault made in writing essay. It will result in serious consequences at any time. Two examples of the consequences of plagiarism are the student’s fail in exam and the current U.S president – joe biden can’t elect president in 1988. This article will mention some ways to avoid the accidental plagiarism or an unintentional plagiarism.  They are all my experiences achieved when I write my essay for me, hope that they’ll help you.

1. Understand the concept.

Plagiarism is defined in the American Heritage dictionary: “Plagiarism is an unauthorized use or excessive duplication of words, other people’s ideas and consider it mine”. So, plagiarism is not simply copying the words, but also the meaning of the work. Can’t take that excuse from synonyms or unsimilarity in used words to justify plagiarism. When I write my essay for me, I deal with this problem by writing the essay by my words then cite sources that I’ve referenced. To avoid writing a good passage without being too close to the original, instead of copying exactly what is in the original work, I usually think about the meaning under the sentences to understand what they express.

  • The original: “The law of this country prohibits the slave slaves from their employers, despite the most heinous crimes”.
  • Plagiarism: “The law of this country prohibits the slave slaves receiving compensation from their owners despite the most heinous crimes”. 
  • No plagiarism: “According to the U.S law at this time, even if the slaves are injured, tortured or ridiculed, they have no right to receive remuneration from their owners,  (Jefferson, 157)”. 

The following cases are also considered plagiarism:

  • Download a newspaper online.
  • To hire someone to write.
  • Deliberately transforming other people’s ideas.

2. Learn about the problem being talked about.

Before I write my essay for me, If I understand things, I can write about them by myself instead of taking knowledge from others. I often learn about the topic I’m heading from the newspaper or on the network, however, the book is still informative, more exclusive than the Internet.

There is a secret to refer to information from various sources to lower the likelihood of plagiarism. For example, when you study slavery, if you rely on a book about this regime, you’ ll be able to unconsciously copy it, or the plagiarism will be higher than when you refer to the three different books, which can also include a document and two originals.

3. Expressing many times in different ways.

The important thing when I write my essay for me is that I have to understand the question of reference material. Then I can express the meaning contained within my own style. Avoid the fact that there’s only writer’s references because it means I’m going to tend to paraphrase the author’s style.

  • The original: “The slaves must work hard for 12 hours a day, from early dawn to late night, but they are only provided with 1, 200 calories of starch and they have to work on their blood, sweat as well as their tears”.
  • Writing: “Although only a small amount of calories, only one second of the calories we currently are recommended to get to the body every day, but in the 19th century have to work in extreme conditions and have to work overtime (Jefferson, 88)”.
  • Writing: “In the 19th century, the slaves have to work until dark but not adequately supplied with (Jefferson, 88)”.

4. Cite the paragraphs and sources of the works.

When I write my essay for me, I always cite a reference or quote document in my essay. If I quote the verbatim text from a author’s work, I will set them between quotes and correct guidelines. The majority of teachers accept quotations by the Modern Language Association (MLA), unless otherwise provided.

You can step away from unintended plagiarism by inserting the (in case there’s a real quote), then the source will now appear as you type a quote or a sentence like in the original quotation. You should insert the quotation mark as soon as you start doing it because if you go to the last step, then you may miss a sentence or a quote that leads to trouble with the plagiarism issue.

5. If there’s any doubt, I usually name the author of the idea.

There are many ways I can do to avoid plagiarism when I write my essay for me, such as:

  • Referring to the original in its expression, such as: “According to richard feynman, can use the integral formula to describe the electrodynamics”.
  • Set quotes around a particular phrase to indicate that I’ve copied that phrase, such as: “A ‘theory of conversion’ appears when there is a scientific revolution that happens to change human minds in a completely different way”.

6. Understand some basic knowledge about copyright issues.

The consequences of plagiarism may not only stop at the creation of a low-quality academic text but also can become a violation of the law that is particularly copyright infringement. I know that when I write my essay for me, I need to understand the following to prevent copyright violations:

  • The facts, which is obviously not copyrighted, are what you can use any truth to support your post.
  • Although the truth is not the copyright holders, the words used to represent the truth are copyright, especially for the root words or special words, especially the rights that include uniquely). You have the right to use information from other documents to support your article comfortably with conditions you must express them in your own words. To avoid copyright infringement, you can use your own words to re-express facts. There is an exception in how different phrases are; only one comma is not enough to see it as your speech. However, changing the grammar structure is sometimes helpful.

7. Understand something needing no quotations.

There’s no need to quote every single single point in academic research because it can make readers feel too confused, complex to read. Here are the things we don’t need to quote in the study and in the official papers when we write my essay:

  • General remarks, folklore, modern fairy tales as well as famous historical events, such as the beginning of pearl harbor attack.
  • Personal experiences, understanding, creativity and personal affiliation.
  • However, if you want to reuse the experience, knowledge, creativity, and the association of your own has been shown in a study that has been submitted or published before you must have the teacher’ s consent, including your own quotations.
  • Videos, presentations, music and other types of media are invented and formed by yourself.
  • However, if you use a video, a presentation, a piece of music or similar products that you make in a previous exercise and have been sent to or publicly published, you need to have the permission of the issuing agency on the reuse of those works, and if you are allowed to use, you need to have the permission of the issuing agency.
  • The scientific evidence you collect after the tests, polls, etc.


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