To write a feeling essay, you need to analyse and give the comments related to the works. Academic feeling essays are also popular: they require the skills of reading, studying and writing. The post includes my experience in writing feeling essay. I hope that these instructions below will help you as well.

1. Understand the purpose of a feeling essay.

This kind of essay is handed out to make students study deeply the feelings or thoughts about the literary after reading it. When I write my essay for me, I usually evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the literary. I always ask myself if that literary has met its purpose. To prepare to write a feeling essay, I always read the literary carefully to understand the underneath meaning. When I write my essay for me, I also express the feelings about the implications and make clear, evaluate the main idea of the author. There are some suggestions for you to write the feeling essay.

  • In the sense, you need to connect your ideas, paragraphs and concepts, as well as use the evidence from the work to support your arguments. If asked whether or not to agree with the author’ s view, you need to have compelling proof that why you feel that way.
  • If you need to write a sense of a lot of work, you have to analyze how they relate to each other. If you’re writing a feeling for a work, perhaps you should contact it with broad concepts and topics discussed in class.
  • You can be assigned to the film for film, speech, actual trip, now experiment or even a lecture on class.
  • The feeling is not a summary of a work. It’s also not a statement, ” i like this book because it’s interesting, ” or ” i hate it because it’s boring “.

2. Determine the requirements.

Before I write my essay for me, I have to understand clearly what teacher is requiring me to do. Some will want me to analyse or evaluate the literary. The others want personal opinions in the essay. I always make sure that I know exactly what I have to do to satisfy the teacher. Some suggestions:

  • If you’re not sure, you can ask the teacher to know what they expect in your post.
  • You may be asked to write a sense of this work in a relationship with another work. In that case, you should use the quote from both works for your article.
  • You may be asked to write a sense of work in a relationship with the topics discussed in class. For example, in the context of reading in sociology in sociology, you should read, note, and write a feeling based on the way the role of the gender is presented in this book.
  • You may be asked to present a personal sense of work. Even though it’s less likely, but sometimes teachers just want to know if you read the work or what you think about it. In this case, you should focus on your views on the work.

3. Read the literary immediately.

Writing a feeling essay is not only writing, giving opinions then submitting. It needs to summarize the paragraphs. It means that I have to link the information I have when I’m reading the literary to be able to analyse and evaluate. I often spend time reading and absorbing the important information to come up with the ideas.

  • One of the biggest mistakes students have ever had is to wait until the last minute to read and write: feeling a profound experience after reading a few times.
  • You should reread the work several times. The first time, read and get used to working. Next time, start thinking about it and express your feelings.

4. Write down the first feelings.

After the first reading, I usually write down my feelings about the literary. Then I repeat for each time that I read the literary. It will be a source of documents for me to write my essay for me because I won’t need to think again about the ideas. 

5. Take note while reading.

When I reread the literary, I always take note. Taking note the important information allow me to easily find the cites, the characters’ development or feeling about it. If I don’t take note while reading, it will be very difficult for me to find the ideas to write my essay for me later. 

6. Questioning while reading.

Other good way to find idea to write my essay for me is that I often question the literary. This is also the beginning for me to evaluate and express the feeling. There are some common questions I consider anytime I read a literary:

  • What does the author mention?
  • What’s the point of the author?
  • What do the authors offer and what assumptions are made and how they have been supported?
  • What is the strengths and weaknesses of the work? Where does the subject matter?
  • How do you work together? (If the essay is about different works)
  • These ideas connect with the overall idea of the classroom/both/etc. How?

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